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Bringing your family

It can be a tough decision to relocate to a new country, particularly if you have to consider the needs of your family. The Isle of Man makes it easy for you to bring over your family, with 1 year work permits for spouses and civil partners of Isle of Man work permit holders and immediate access to the Island's free school system.

There is a relaxed and peaceful way of life in the Isle of Man and families can enjoy many benefits including good housing to choose from, high quality education and health services, a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, room to move and the lowest level of crime in the British Isles!

Maternity/Paternity Leave

The Isle of Man has a different form of maternity care from the UK. The Isle of Man Government pay maternity allowance to pregnant women and women who have recently given birth for a maximum of 39 weeks. This benefit is only given to women who have been employed and can satisfy certain conditions.

Fathers are entitled to take up to 2 weeks paternity leave and may be eligible for paternity pay during this time.

Parents are often entitled to child benefits to help support their children. This is a means tested benefit and does not apply to income exceeding £80,000.

If you value things like time, family, community and beautiful surroundings, It is a fabulous little Island. Phillip, Boutique Hotel Owner, Port Erin

Picnic at The Sound

Picnic at The Sound

Growing up in the Isle of Man

The last census in 2011 showed that around 1/5 of Isle of Man residents are under 16 and the Isle of Man is a great place for bringing up a young family.

The Island has very low levels of crime, giving children a lot more freedom in their younger years. There's plenty for young and older children to do on the Island, from outdoor pursuits and sports, to music and entertainment.

Living here makes it easier to tip the balance towards life and family, distances are smaller and commutes are usually short. For example, I cycle to work most days, which takes me 5 minutes, and sometimes go back home to have lunch with my wife to then come back to work. Also, there are a lot of family-friendly activities to do outdoors when the weather is nice. Felipe, Lead Systems Developer, Douglas

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