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70 New Teachers Recruited in Isle of Man for 2019 Academic Year

A significant number of teachers have been appointed to our Island’s schools at the start of the 2019 academic year, to inspire, engage and nurture young people to achieve their potential.

A summer recruitment campaign proved successful in attracting a wide variety of applicants from those with experience to those who are newly qualified. This academic year, 33 teachers have taken up their new posts in primary schools across the Island, with secondary schools welcoming 37 recruits across all subjects.

Of these positions, more than 25 will be working with the Department of Education, Sport and Culture for the first time and 10 have been specifically recruited to teach mathematics and science, subjects that are traditionally more challenging to attract.

As part of this year’s campaign, the Department worked with Locate Isle of Man to produce an article about teaching in the Isle of Man which was published in TES, a UK education business which publishes a weekly magazine. This generated a number of enquiries and as a direct result of the article two teachers have relocated to the Island to begin their new roles in our secondary schools.

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