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Covid-19 Update on the Isle of Man

As of Monday 1 February the Isle of Man returned to normality following a 3 week circuit breaker lockdown

DATE 24/02/2021

As of Monday 1 February the Isle of Man returned to normality following a 3 week circuit breaker lockdown.

People are no longer required to socially distance from those outside their household. There are no time limits or restrictions for exercise, leisure activities or shopping for non-essential items. Bars, restaurants and cafes across the hospitality sector are all able to open as normal.

Schools and nurseries are open and all health and social care services have resumed.

Face coverings are not required or recommended for the general population except when mandated under a Direction Notice.

The latest testing regime will come into place for anyone returning to the Island after 00.01am on Thursday 7 January is still in place. Three tests will be required, on the first, sixth or seventh, and the thirteenth day of isolation. Those returning will have to pay £50 for each test. If you do not wish to be tested, you must complete a 21 day period of mandatory self-isolation instead.

Isle of Man residents and key workers able to freely travel (air or sea) with no limits on numbers.

Compassionate and contractual applications will be considered for non-residents.

When lifting the circuit breaker lockdown restrictions, the Chief Minister said: ‘Thank you (the Manx Public) for making the right decisions for yourself, your family and your Island. And you have protected our vaccination programme. Once again, the Great Manx Public has done us proud.’

Details on signs and symptoms about coronavirus and advice on self-isolation is available at

If you would like to know more about relocating to the Isle of Man please email a member of our Locate Team will be happy to assist.

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