A Renewable Island

The Isle of Man's geography and economic environment make it the ideal location for clean and renewable energy generation and innovation.

Tucked away out of view, the Island already produces enough energy to support its own needs and has many current and upcoming projects intended to export renewable energy.

The Isle of Man is in an ideal location for wind energy projects. The Island's territorial waters sit adjacent to an area of the UK with a proven viability for wind power generation. The Isle of Man also has a long association with innovation, engineering and green energy. In the 1960s the Island was a trial site for predecessors of the modern wind turbine.

It is hardly surprising then that companies on the Isle of Man have been at the forefront of design of mooring systems for floating wind turbines. One Isle of Man company's systems have been used in floating offshore wind projects in Norway, Portugal, USA and Japan and investigation is currently underway for the Island to have its own traditional wind turbine array within Manx waters.

The Isle of Man is a net exporter of electricity and renewable sources make up a portion of the supply consumed domestically. The energy-from-waste facility incinerates the Island's non–recyclable rubbish at ultra-high temperatures fulfilling 10% of the Island's electricity needs. The plant even collects 40% of its water requirements from rainfall which then contributes to its cooling systems.

The Isle of Man's longest river, the Sulby, is harnessed for hydroelectric power generation with an annual output of four gigawatt hours, equivalent to 1% of the Island's needs. Additional renewable energy projects are also under investigation utilising the Island's substantial tidal stream at the Point of Ayre in the north of the Isle of Man.

Individuals and companies on the Island are all encouraged to do their bit to reduce their energy consumption and contribute to sustainability. Douglas benefits from curb side recycling and other areas have accessible civic amenity sites offering a wide range of services. Businesses can take advantage of the Department for Enterprise's BUSINESS ENERGY SAVING SCHEME, helping companies foot the upfront costs of energy saving technologies such as LED lighting, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and other projects.

The creation of an offshore energy hub is one of the core strategies of the Government's long-term plans for economic growth, contributing to public funds and local job creation, as well as lowering carbon emissions.

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