Socio-demographic prospectus for the Isle of Man

Internationally-renowned consultants, CACI, have produced a socio-demographic prospectus for the Isle of Man.

The prospectus, commissioned by Business Isle of Man, provides new insight and context into the Isle of Man’s population and spending profile, which will be of interest to investors, retailers, and property developers.

CACI uses ACORN (A Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods) a powerful targeting model which combines geography with demographics such as age and lifestyle in order to help with analysis of  the different types of people and areas within a country.

Among other datasets, the report provides information on the social and demographic makeup of the Isle of Man’s population, using data collected through the five-yearly Census and surveys on spending habits.

The report summarises the ACORN profile for the Island as a whole, as well as providing an in-depth review of Douglas, the Island’s capital. It includes comparisons with other demographically-similar areas in the UK, as well as larger nearby cities such as Liverpool.

The report concludes that the Isle of Man’s affluence exceeds all benchmark locations, highlighting the wealth of the area and the opportunity for brands and organisations to access the Island’s market.

For more information and to download a copy of the report, visit Business Isle of Man.

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