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Senior Trust & Company Administrator

Posted on 25 Nov 2021
  • To be advised 
  • Permanent, Full Time
  • Closing in 20 days
  • Search and Select Recruitment Agency
    1 Upper Church St
    IM1 1EE

Our client seeks a Trust & Company Administrator to join their team. Key Responsibilities: To participate in the administration of client entities with integrity and to a high level of professional competence. Where a portfolio of client entities is allocated to an employee, to be responsible for the overall administration of that portfolio, including, but not limited to, achieving high standards of corporate governance, fiduciary integrity and statutory compliance, and maintaining up-to-date records and financial reporting. As far as is possible, to be aware of current and contemplated intentions regarding client entities' transactions and restructuring in relation to client aspirations, tax advice, legal and tax developments; economic and political factors, and any other relevant inducements, ("Client Intentions"), and to critically assess and analyse those Client Intentions in terms of legal and tax efficacy, practicality, cost, protection of the client's position, protection of the client entity's position, protection of the company's position; and to identify risks and options for risk mitigation. To liaise with your line manager in relation to Client Intentions and throughout the risk assessment, identification and mitigation process. To meet chargeable time requirements. To liaise and correspond with clients and third parties in a professional manner. To send out fee invoices and collect fees timeously, and to review outstanding debtors and pro-actively raise concerns where appropriate with view to maximising successful debt recovery. To keep client entity records up-to-date on the company's digital system (including Viewpoint) and physical tangible files; filing to be undertaken timeously; records to be referenced (i.e. named) logically and clearly pursuant to the principle that all records should be capable of being easily accessible and understood by an independent third party; and records should be managed with a view to complying with relevant company policies (including but not limited to confidentiality policies, data protection policies, clear desk policy, and IT security policies).To meet the company's regulatory requirements, including but not limited to: risk assessments, ongoing monitoring, and ongoing CDD processes To either comply with any CPD requirements of their professional body; or where the professional body does not require CPD or the individual is not a member of a professional body, a minimum of 25 hours relevant CPD per annum must be undertaken. To liaise with all internal departments as necessary in the administration of client entities. To observe and comply with the company's internal policies and procedures. To act with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism. To participate in training and tests provided by the company pursuant to regulatory obligations to train and test its employees and to demonstrate competency in the topics tested. To act as a Key Person (as defined in the IOM FSA Rulebook) and signatory on client entity bank accounts if requested. Anything else reasonably required by the company in the administration of client entities and the maintenance of the company's and any managed TCSPs' licences and regulatory compliance. If you have the required skills please apply online at quoting reference number: 10531

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