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Calling all Isle of Man Graduates and Young Professionals; Have your say in the 2023 Survey!

UCM and Locate Isle of Man Launch 2023 Manx Graduate Survey to Understand the Views of Young Professionals

So, what’s it all about?

University College Isle of Man (UCM) and Locate Isle of Man have joined forces to launch the 2023 Manx Graduate Survey. The aim of the survey is to understand the views of young professionals who have stayed or returned to the Island after completing their degree/professional qualification on-Island or off-Island. The survey is the final part of a wider research project that aims to ascertain the views of this demographic about 'The Isle of Man; a great place to live and work', which has also included a series of focus groups.

The survey was first introduced to attendees at the 2023 Isle of Man Graduate Fair, and it is now open to the wider public. The last survey was conducted in 2018, and the results will be compared to those of the new survey. The research will be completed by June 2023 and published soon after.

Why this study is important?

Retaining and attracting young people to the Island is essential in expanding the skilled and active workforce, supporting industry and ensuring the long-term success of our community. Gail Corrin, UCM's Higher Education Development Manager, said that understanding the needs and wants of the younger generations is crucial in attracting more international students and young professionals to locate to the Island.

Understanding what attracts both Manx students who have graduated back to the Island and young professionals from the UK to the Isle of Man is essential in helping to attract talent to the nation. The Island has a fantastic range of businesses established, and ensuring that they have access to the skilled workers they need is a clear ambition within the Economic Strategy.

Have your say!

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It is an essential piece of research that will help to shape the future of the Island and the opportunities available to young professionals. Locate are keen to collect as many responses as possible and are asking people to share with young professional, their family, friends and professional networks.


UCM and Locate have joined forces to launch the 2023 Manx Graduate Survey

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