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Space to thrive

For you, your family and your business


The Isle of Man: a safe, secure and unique place for you, your family and your business, with space to thrive and a welcoming community.

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Discover the Rewards the Isle of Man has to offer

Personally Rewarding

The Isle of Man’s excellent infrastructure, safety and high standard of education and health care provide the basis for an exceptional lifestyle which is further enhanced by the Island’s stunning natural beauty and its friendly, welcoming community. Residents enjoy an enviable work-life balance and minimal commute times, ensuring you have more time to do what you enjoy.

Corporately Rewarding

Offering a stable and secure jurisdiction with years of professional experience and a supportive, approachable Government, the Isle of Man is a truly first-rate environment in which your business can thrive. High quality, robust regulation and a pragmatic approach to supporting business means the Island is perfectly placed to meet and exceed the needs of your business within a diverse economy.

Financially Rewarding

The Isle of Man is financially stable and politically progressive, offering a low taxation environment which is open, transparent and compliant with international standards. The Isle of Man is appealing to both individuals and businesses thanks to a financially rewarding system offering no capital gains, no inheritance tax, no corporate tax and a simple structure of personal income tax.

Well Connected

The Isle of Man is centrally located in the Irish Sea and benefits from more than 200 flights per week, providing direct links to the UK and Ireland, and connections to the rest of the world.

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Key Benefits

A unique combination of space to thrive, financial reward, simple taxation and a well-connected, safe community set within a sustainable UNESCO Biosphere.

  • Superb quality of life with space to breathe, space to thrive
  • Financially rewarding, exceptional business environment
  • Well connected to the UK and the rest of the world
  • Crime rates amongst the lowest in Europe
  • Rated best place to live in British Isles in the 2019 HSBC Expat survey
  • Key Employee Concession
  • Many tax benefits including 0% capital gains tax & Tax cap of £200,000
  • Financial assistance available for relocation businesses

A Place to Belong

Relocating with your family and settling into a new home can be challenging; however, the Isle of Man encourages its people to reach their full potential, at any stage of their life. Those calling the Island ‘home’ engage in a fast paced and vibrant global economy but live in an island that values community spirit.

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Simple, Unrestricted and Welcoming

Our team provide a comprehensive and highly confidential service which supports and guides individuals and businesses through the process of relocating

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Key Employee Incentive

The Special Treatment of Key Employees (Key Employee Incentive) can be extremely beneficial to new arrivals to the Island, if they are an entrepreneur setting up a new business, or a key employee being hired to develop or expand a new or existing company.

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Tax Cap Election

Alongside tax benefits including 0% capital gains, 0% corporate income tax and 0% inheritance/wealth tax, the Isle of Man offers a Tax Cap for new and existing resident individuals of £200,000 per annum, specifically introduced for those who have annual income such that their tax liability would otherwise exceed the Tax Cap.

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Talk to our team today about relocating to the Isle of Man

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