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Checklist for Moving to the Isle of Man

So you've made the leap! You're moving to the Isle of Man, you've got the job and you're looking forward to starting... so what's next?

We've put together a list of advice to get you started on your big move to the Isle of Man.

1. Find somewhere to live

You'll need to get started on this straight away, especially if you're looking to buy a property as chains and surveys can take time. Have a look at our area guide to choose the best spot for your new home.

2. Moving your family

If you're married or in a civil partnership your partner can obtain a year-long work permit to get them started with employment. For children, you should contact the schools nearest your house to register them to start straight away.

3. Bringing a pet

Don't worry about leaving your beloved pet at home, they can travel from the UK to the Isle of Man with minimal restrictions, however, pets arriving from further afield may have more limitations.

4. Moving your things

Take a look at our list of local moving companies to ease the hassle. The daily ferry service means that transporting all your furniture, clothes and bits and pieces shouldn't be too much trouble.

5. Bringing a car

If you're travelling over from the UK, simply bring your car to the ferry port for the journey over. As soon as you arrive you will need to re-register your car with an Isle of Man number plate and make sure your car is licensed.

The government's website is quite complete and has a lot of information; it is also worth researching the local news if you're planning on moving. Finally, checking out the local estate agents is definitely important. Felipe Ceotto, Lead Systems Developer, AXA Isle of Man

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