Isle of Man-Born Musician Davy Knowles Inspires Students with Interactive Session

UCM Music students enjoyed a visit from the Island born guitarist last week at Kensington Arts Centre, where they were able to ask questions and experience a live performance from the musician.

The Isle of Man's thriving cultural scene is enhanced by the presence of talented artists like blues guitarist and singer Davy Knowles. Last week, Knowles made a special visit to the University College Isle of Man (UCM) at the Kensington Arts Centre, inspiring students with a jam session and interactive Q&A.

Davy Knowles, known for his solo career and involvement with the local band Back Door Slam, shared his experience in the music industry with UCM music students. The session provided an invaluable opportunity for students to learn from an accomplished professional musician who has achieved international success.

During the session, Knowles offered insights into his creative process and provided advice for students pursuing their own careers in music. His visit was a source of motivation for students and included words of encouragement to inspire them to follow their musical passions.

Reflecting on his visit, Knowles said, "It's always a pleasure to share my passion for music with eager young minds. The talent and enthusiasm displayed by the students at UCM was great to see and I look forward to seeing how their musical journeys continue."

Melanie Clague, Head of the Creative and Leisure Industries faculty at UCM, expressed her appreciation for Knowles' visit, stating, "A huge thank you to Davy for sparing his time and expertise to meet with our students; it was a great opportunity for our budding musicians. Having the chance to ask questions and learn from someone who started their career on the Island and has gone on to international success, provides a source of inspiration that they too can achieve their dreams."

The visit highlights the Isle of Man's dedication to fostering a thriving artistic community and nurturing the next generation of musicians.