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Banking Leader and Special Constable in the Isle of Man

Graeme Sullivan’s journey from an entry-level role to Country Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Barclays in the Isle of Man showcases his dedication and resilience. Beyond his professional achievements, Graeme serves as a Special Constable year-round, which includes providing additional support around busy events such as the Isle of Man TT Races.

Career at Barclays

Graeme began his career at Barclays in 2007 after leaving Liverpool. He was drawn to the Isle of Man for its proximity to his hometown and its strong reputation as a financial hub. "I wanted to be independent and international while staying close enough to visit home on weekends," he recalls. Graeme's journey at Barclays started in an entry-level analyst role, progressing through various positions as he gained experience in different areas of the bank.


Special Constable

Wanting to give back to the community that welcomed him, Graeme trained as a Special Constable. “I’m not very good at painting fences or gardening it's not my skill set, but I did want to give back. I wanted to help others and make a difference," he shares. Graeme’s typical police shifts involve dealing with everything from road traffic collisions to burglaries. "I help keep the Island safe and that’s so rewarding and enjoyable," he says. While it can be demanding balancing both roles, Graeme finds immense satisfaction in his contributions to the community.

“It can be an odd dynamic because I’m the most senior person in my day job and this is completely reversed when I’m out as a policeman,” Graeme explains. His commitment to the police force has deepened his connection to the Island. "I thought the volunteers, like me, would be shielded somewhat, but that’s not the case. We do everything a police officer does. But I am paired up with a regular police officer so I take a lot of learning and support from them," he adds.

Life on the Isle of Man

Graeme appreciates the Isle of Man's natural beauty and its stunning scenery. "I don't know if beautiful does it justice, because genuinely, on a nice day or even on a less nice day, it is just breath-taking," he shares. Graeme values long walks with his dog and family, enjoying the pristine beaches and scenic glens the Island offers. He recommends the Isle of Man as an ideal place for families and raising children.


Graeme’s dual roles highlight the unique opportunities the Isle of Man provides. From advancing a career in a global financial institution to fulfilling a lifelong dream of policing, the Island offers a perfect balance. His story serves as an inspiration, demonstrating how one can thrive both professionally and personally in such a supportive and dynamic environment.

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