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Daniel Jacobs, South Africa

Daniel Jacobs: A Journey of Relocation, Integration, and Professional Growth

Relocation and Settling In:

Daniel Jacobs, a seasoned supply chain supervisor at Swagelok, relocated to the Isle of Man from South Africa. The unexpected move was fuelled by a job offer extended by his uncle, who had established a company on the island. Despite initially considering a relocation to the UK, Daniel found the Isle of Man to be the perfect fit. He describes it as a stroke of luck, stating, "I've never been to the Isle of Man before, haven't really heard of it either to be honest until I was offered a job by my uncle. So a bit of luck really, is to why I came here."

Leisure Pursuits and Family Life:

Outside of work, Daniel engages in various activities, including astronomy and sports. He appreciates the Isle of Man's dark sky sights, aligning perfectly with his passion for stargazing. Actively participating in sports clubs such as hockey, cricket, darts, running, and cycling. “The children are quite sporty, we like to go and watch them do their activities. The Isle of Man is a very safe place I think and it's great to raise a family.” Daniel emphasises the family-friendly environment of the Isle of Man, with safety and the vibrant community providing an ideal backdrop for family outings and supporting his children's endeavours.


The Isle of Man in Three Words:

Summing up his experience, Daniel describes the Isle of Man as "safe, scenic, and prideful. I think there's a general proudness about the people that live here, especially when you're away.  I did quite a lot of traveling for work and there always feels to be a sense of pride I am able to share when I say, I come from the Isle of Man or I live in the Isle of Man.”

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Work-Life Balance and Opportunities:

Daniel acknowledges the Isle of Man's excellent work-life balance, emphasising the relaxed atmosphere and minimal commute time. Working at Swagelok, one of the leading engineering companies on the island, provides not only a stable work environment but also global opportunities. The global customer base adds a sense of satisfaction, knowing that their products reach various clients worldwide.

You obviously don't spend much time commuting. The whole atmosphere about the place is a lot more relaxed so when you have downtime with your family I find that it's a lot more rewarding. And yet from an employment side of things you have companies like Swagelok at the leading edge of what we do.

Top Tips for Relocating:

Reflecting on his relocation, Daniel advises newcomers to immerse themselves in the community by joining clubs and social events. “One of my hobbies at the moment is running, there's been a few events that I've taken part in as well. I enjoy running on Marine Drive, it's a really nice scenic route to take and there's also some elevation too.”

Daniel's Role at Swagelok:

As the supply chain supervisor at Swagelok, Daniel oversees manufacturing schedules for production areas. Having been with Swagelok for 16 years, he appreciates the engaging work environment and the chance to troubleshoot and find solutions. Swagelok's support for Daniel's education, including funding for a Higher National Certificate and an engineering degree, showcases the company's commitment to employee growth.



Recommendation for Swagelok:

Daniel highly recommends Swagelok as a workplace, particularly for those considering relocation to the Isle of Man. Drawing from his experiences as a Supplier Development Engineer, he highlights

“I had the opportunity to visit a lot of companies across Europe and the UK and when you look at the comparison between us and a lot of what's out there, we definitely are one of the better companies in terms of our environment, in terms of our processes, the products we make, the skills we have, the people we have. We're definitely amongst the best.”



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