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Dr.Joseph Ikhalia, Nigeria

Dr. Joseph Ikhalia is from Nigeria and relocated to the Isle of Man in 2018. Joseph, who lives in the Island’s capital Douglas, is a Cyber Security Engineer and Threat Management Lead at Riela Cyber who provide global cyber security solutions.

Moving to the Isle of Man from the UK 

Originally from Nigeria, I moved to the UK 10 years ago to further my education. I decided to make the move to the Isle of Man after being headhunted via LinkedIn for a position locally. I was inspired by the lovely stories the recruiter told me – they really sold me the Isle of Man dream, so I immediately Googled what it was like. I was thrilled to find the Island had beautiful landscapes and breath-taking sea views, an attractive taxation regime, along with a solid tech industry that seemed to be just taking off.  
The process of moving to the Island was also surprisingly straightforward. The Isle of Man immigration service is one of the most convenient and efficient Government services I have ever used; they gave me adequate support during the enquiry phase, and I could not have asked for a better experience.   
Fast forward three months and I was living and working in the Isle of Man as an IT Security Manager at the first fully licensed Blockchain lottery organisation in the world. 

The safest and the most economically convenient place to live in the world 

The Isle of Man is the safest and the most economically convenient place to live in the world. In the four years I have lived here, I have quadrupled my professional productivity, increased my social activities, and improved my wellbeing all at the same time. 

Why is this? Well, there are many factors. Firstly, living on the Island has completely reduced my travel time to and from work and this gives me sufficient time to engage in after-work activities. One of the advantages I have enjoyed is meeting and socialising with other like-minded professionals – there are plenty of professional networks to join and the Isle of Man is a friendly and welcoming community that has a space for you in it. 

Secondly, the Island perfectly blends urban living with a scenic outdoors and activity-based lifestyle – there’s a bustling professional scene, and ample things to do and see; from lovely local restaurants and cafes offering a variety of cuisines, to historical landmarks and everything in between. Work-life balance is a real thing here – it’s not something you have to chase, rather it is something that just naturally happens. It really is a brilliant place for mental health.  

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A dynamic and exciting tech career in the Isle of Man

Prior to moving, it was difficult to imagine how many opportunities there would be on an Island of this size - particularly within the technology sector. However, I’ve been blown away at how fast the industry is growing here and how dynamic and innovative it is.  

In the last four years I have personally experienced career growth in this space and believe there are many more exciting opportunities to come. I am proud to work at Riela Cyber, an Island-based Security Operations Centre with global ultra-high net worth clients. Every day is full of exciting new challenges, and the dynamic nature of working within cyber security constantly keeps my mind curious. 

Since joining the organisation I’ve been given the opportunity to speak at numerous technology exhibitions. A career highlight was hosting a live cyber-attack demo at the 2021 Isle of Man annual CYBERISLE conference - the first of its kind on the Island.   

A quirky place – full of surprises! 

If I was to give one piece of advice to potential relocators it would be to research the different locations across the Island before deciding where to live. Each town and village are unique – which is pretty special for an Island of this size. Each with their own benefits (and quirks) gives them their own identity.  
Another thing is the endearing Manx superstitions!  From greeting fairies to referring to rodents as longtails, these quirky traditions only add to the Island’s unique and wonderful charm! 

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