Gavin, Service Operations Engineer

Meet Gavin, a Service Operations Engineer at Manx Telecom. As a result of completing an apprenticeship, Gavin was able to achieve his dream career

Recognising the diversity of success paths:

Pursuing an apprenticeship felt like the right choice for me because it allowed me to learn in a way that felt natural and effective for me personally.

Deciding on the right path after school can be a hard decision, but it's important to remember that there's no one-size-fits-all answer. There are multiple pathways to success. An apprenticeship is a fantastic option for those who prefer hands-on learning and want to dive straight into the workplace while still gaining valuable qualifications.


Seizing opportunities:

After completing my Level 3 in IT, I saw a position advertised for an apprentice network engineer at Manx Telecom. I jumped at the opportunity and applied.

Securing an apprenticeship isn't always straightforward. I recommend being proactive. Alongside regularly checking job listings, I suggest sending your CV and a cover letter to relevant businesses expressing your interest in joining them as a trainee or apprentice.


Balancing theoretical and practical learning:

The apprenticeship scheme I enrolled in involved working four days a week in the workplace, and one day a week was dedicated to attending college, where I focused on completing assignments and studying the theoretical aspects of the course.


A supportive learning environment:

Throughout the course, I found the teachers to be incredibly supportive and helpful. They provided valuable guidance, advice, and assistance whenever needed, helping me stay on track with my studies. Overall, the apprenticeship scheme provided a well-rounded learning experience that will help me in my future career.


Building future career connections:

Additionally, completing an apprenticeship allowed me to build valuable relationships within the industry, particularly on the Island where I was studying and working. Establishing these connections early on is crucial for career development, and it's often more challenging to do so when studying full-time off-island.


Establishing a strong professional foundation for future success:

Overall, the apprenticeship experience has provided me with a solid foundation for my career, equipped me with practical skills, and enabled me to establish a network within the industry, giving me a significant advantage as I progress in my professional journey.



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