Hayley, Graduate Midwife

Newly Qualified Midwifery on the Isle of Man - Nurturing Support, Continuity of Care, and Vibrant Lifestyle

During my final year of study at the University of Manchester an opportunity to work in the Isle of Man was advertised via my university. In August 2023 I decided to do my three week elective placement at the Jane Crookall maternity unit, with the view to relocate post qualification. As someone who had never been to the Isle of Man, it was a big decision to relocate to an island I’d never been to before on my own, however, as soon as I completed my first day on the ward, I knew I wanted to pursue and progress my midwifery career in the Isle of Man.

Supportive community and team dynamics

The midwifery team on the Isle of Man stands out for its unwavering support. The unit and team is headed up by Barbara Roberts who has an active presence on the ward, creating an approachable and supportive atmosphere from the top down. After moving to the Isle of Man on my own, I have been accepted into my teams tight-knit community, they are people that I can truly rely on when things get tough. Working in a smaller team has allowed me to feel part of a family, which has really helped me to settle in. It is important in this profession to know where to turn when things get hard or if an emergency arises. The close team dynamics also foster an open and honest culture.

Continuity of Care - A holistic approach

Midwifery on the Isle of Man places a strong emphasis on the continuity of carer, breaking away from often segmented roles that are commonplace when working in midwifery in the UK. On a daily basis we are seamlessly navigating between antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care. This holistic approach not only strengthens the care we provide but also forges a stronger connection with the women in our care, allowing us to be an integral part of the patient journey.

A vibrant lifestyle with plenty to do

Beyond the hospital walls, the Isle of Man offers a wide range of activities, enriching both my work-life balance and personal wellbeing. In addition to walking and adventure groups, pottery classes and wellbeing events, the Island fosters a strong sense of community. Despite its small size, the Isle of Man has a vibrant cultural scene, offering live music, pub events, and recreational opportunities - there is always something to do, especially during TT!

Progression and Support for Preceptorship

The Isle of Man offers more than just an opportunity to start a career; it actively supports professional development. Manx Care is also committed to developing your skills and the Head of Midwifery, Barbara Roberts, and the team have played a pivotal role in providing superb guidance and mentorship during my preceptorship. Having constant exposure to all midwifery areas and consistent support, has ensured the Isle of Man was the right choice and ideal destination in which to complete my preceptorship. I have already been offered the opportunity to complete the Florence Nightingale Foundation Leadership qualification, as well as the possibility of completing a future master's degree.

Better compensation and financial benefits

Working in the Isle of Man has offered me better financial stability than the UK, with its higher salary coupled with the relocation support and incentives.

In short, my midwifery journey in the Isle of Man is defined by extraordinary support, continuity of carer, a vibrant lifestyle, career progression, and financial benefits. This destination has become more than just a workplace; it's a nurturing and enriching community that welcomes me with open arms.



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