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John Angiolini, Scotland

Motorbike enthusiast and rider John Angiolini is a former motorbike paramedic and relocated to the Isle of Man in late 2021 with his fiancé, Rose, who secured a position at the Isle of Man Government’s Laboratory as Head Analyst.

Landing a dream role

There were many reasons we decided to relocate to the Isle of Man from Scotland. First and foremost, it was my fiancé Rose landing the role of Government Analyst for the Isle of Man Government’s Laboratory, a real career defining role for her. Secondly (and more for me!) it was the TT Races!

Biking – a lifelong passion

I’ve been a biker my entire adult life – I even got my bikers licence before my driving licence! My passion for biking even worked its way into my career. I was a paramedic for many years, and in the latter part of my career worked as a motorcycle responder. When Rose secured the opportunity in the Isle of Man, it really was a no brainer for me – I was up for the adventure but the thought of being able to ride the Mountain Course whenever I liked, and watch the TT Races every year in person (without having to travel) was a huge appeal. 

Moving to the Isle of Man
When we moved to the Island, we found a lovely rental in Santon - a stone’s throw away from the picturesque ‘daffodil walk’. Something that really stood out to us, was how reasonably priced the rental market was on the Island, as well as general living costs, such as fuel and other utility expenses. As rental tenants you don’t pay rates or council tax – a real bonus. We were pleasantly surprised at what a diverse property market there was here, and we’ve recently purchased a quaint and quirky Manx stone cottage in St Johns.

Something that is really lacking, for the better I hasten to add – is graffiti and rubbish. The Island is a very clean place, and a safe one – something we very much cherish. The scenery is also stunning – with every season, the landscape changes dramatically. We regularly enjoy a coastal walk - one minute you’ll be walking amongst beautiful green countryside, surrounded by wildflowers, and the next you’ll be teetering on the edge of a dramatic cliff top, watching the crashing waves from below. From every corner of the Island, you’ll find a breath-taking view to take in – our favourite is the Sound, where there is an abundance of interesting marine wildlife.

Inviting community, where sports and outdoor pursuits are in abundance

Rose and I didn’t know a single soul on the Island prior to moving, but we have been overwhelmed at how exceptionally friendly the Manx people are. We are keen archers, and have joined two clubs since arriving, and we couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome. We’re already shooting under the Island’s colours nationally.

We’re very active people, and considering the Island is quite small, there are so many sporting and activity clubs, catering to a variety of interests and hobbies – it’s a real sporting Island. We’ve joined a gun club, and I am keen flyer and have a 2-seater which I keep at the airport. I regularly take the plane out over the Island, and I’ve made several friends at the hanger, who were kind enough to show me the best spots, including Peel Castle, Laxey Wheel – and of course the TT circuit. It’s a privilege to see these spectacular sites from the air – plus if we fancy a quick trip back to Scotland it’s just over an hour away!

Rose and I didn’t know a single soul on the Island prior to moving, but we have been overwhelmed at how exceptionally friendly the Manx people are.

The Isle of Man – a biker’s paradise

I love my biking, and it has been a dream come true to ride the TT circuit. I even bought my own bike, a Triumph Sprint, which I take out almost every day! The Mountain Course is an exhilarating ride in itself, but the coastal roads, and windy country lanes are amazing to ride as well. The Island’s roads are very well maintained, marked and safe – perfect to ride with a little enthusiasm! The Island also has plenty of other biking pursuits – including motocross and closed-circuit racing at Jurby, which I regularly enjoy.

2022 will be my first TT in person and I can’t tell you how excited I am to soak up the atmosphere and see my heroes ride just metres away from me. I’ve even volunteered my services to the emergency services team given my background. To work at the event would be the cherry on the icing.

An Island of opportunity

For my partner Rose, the move to the Island has simply been life changing. She secured the job of her dreams and has ultimately reached the pinnacle of her career as a Public Analyst.

Although the role can be challenging and demanding in equal measure, Rose has a very good work-life balance here in comparison to back home. She has many benefits including flexitime and the public holidays in the Isle of Man are very generous – affording us more time to spend outside and do the things we love – it’s paying dividends for the both of us.

If you can bring the skills – the Island is your oyster. We’re both very aware of how many opportunities there are here, especially within the healthcare sector, with Rose and her Department regularly recruiting. The tax system is also far more attractive to the UK and Scotland, which can make a big difference to your take home salary. The Island really is a great all-rounder, and I’d wish we’d had the opportunity to move sooner. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering a move – especially if you have as much of a passion for motorbiking as I do!

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