Mandeep Kaur, India

Mandeep’s Isle of Man Story: A Journey of Friendship, Career, and Community

Meet Mandeep, a vibrant individual whose journey from India to the University of Surrey in the UK eventually led her to the breath-taking shores of the Isle of Man. As the fourth in her group of friends to make the move in June 2023, Mandeep explains “with the help of Orchard recruitment, our whole university group of nine are here and we are telling other people from our University to come to the Isle of Man”. Her story is not just about relocation but a celebration of the opportunities that the Isle of Man has to offer.

Seizing Opportunities at Crowe Isle of Man

"The biggest plus is my job role at Crowe Isle of Man," Mandeep, a Tax Associate, explains. Beyond the role itself, Mandeep emphasizes the support within her team. "Everybody makes you feel comfortable, and the team here is so good at supporting us. Whenever you need help, they will be the first to guide you" she says, reflecting on the collaborative and supportive work environment.


A Hub of Learning and Development

Mandeep appreciates the emphasis on continuous learning at Crowe Isle of Man. She shares “it's such a good place to learn and grow. I think everyone should start their career by learning”.  With study support, Mandeep is currently studying for her professional certification ATT, alongside her job. Hoping to do more studies after this, Mandeep explains that the flexibility to choose courses that align with career goals adds to the appeal, making Crowe Isle of Man an ideal place for those eager to kick-start their careers by learning.

Embracing the Isle of Man Community

Living in the Isle of Man it's not just about work; it's about creating a community. Mandeep loves the vibrant cultural scene in the Isle of Man, highlighting the formation of communities celebrating various festivals and she is looking forward to joining the Indian community that celebrates Diwali and other festivals. She explains that these diverse communities “don’t make you feel homesick. You can celebrate here still’.


A Friendly Community with a Helping Hand

Mandeep's journey is filled with examples of the friendly community, from being gifted furniture by colleagues to receiving a lift from a stranger while shopping for heavy furniture, the Isle of Man community has consistently extended a helping hand. "These gestures creates a sense of belonging and solidarity, reinforcing the notion that the Isle of Man is not just a place to work, but a welcoming home where residents support one another," Mandeep affirms, underscoring the sense of camaraderie that defines her Isle of Man experience.

"The Isle of Man is not just a place to work, but a welcoming home where residents support one another"

Making the Most of her Downtime

Weekends and downtime for Mandeep are a blend of relaxation and exploration. Living near the beach, she enjoys walks along the promenade and plans to explore the scenic beauty of Snaefell Mountain. "It's so good. It’s so beautiful here and you tend to forget how long you’ve been walking for as you are so focussed on the scenery around you," she shares, capturing the essence of the Isle of Man's natural wonders.


Social Life and Opportunities Beyond

Mandeep reflects on the ease of making friends in the Isle of Man, the proximity to other cities like Liverpool for day trips, and the work-life balance that allows her to pursue her hobbies. "The balance between work and leisure allows me to indulge in my hobbies and spend quality time with friends, contributing to a fulfilling and well-rounded lifestyle," she exclaims, highlighting the ideal setting for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Recommendations for Future Relocators:

Mandeep encourages potential relocators to visit the Locate Isle of Man website to read stories like hers as “there you can read stories about people like us and it will make you feel comfortable”. Mandeep also advises relocators to ask for help. “Reaching out through social media and Facebook pages is really helpful," she suggests, emphasizing the wealth of resources available for a smooth transition.

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