Rachel Singer, TT fan to Isle of Man resident

Rachel Singer and her wife Jo relocated to the Isle of Man in 2018, after many years of visiting the Island to watch the Isle of Man TT Races.

Making the Isle of Man our forever home

I have always loved the Island and have visited since I was at university. I’m passionate about bikes and road racing so the Isle of Man TT races was for many years an annual pilgrimage. The Island really is a unique place, and somewhere I have always felt at home. I used to stand on the ferry as the outline of the land came into view and just think ‘I’m coming home’ – and then when it was time to leave feel so sad!

My wife Jo and I discussed relocating here some time ago, and after exploring the Island’s many towns and villages – all with their own unique identity, we decided to settle in Port Erin in 2018. Located at the south of the Island – the seaside town, which is a mecca for water sports lovers, has a beautiful golden beach and a variety of lovely little quaint bars and restaurants.

Experiencing the Isle of Man TT races as a local

Experiencing the TT as a resident, opposed to as a visitor, has completely changed our experience of the races. We’ve had the time to explore the course and discover many new vantage points. Our favourite being Ballacraine, and several areas on the Mountain section. The recent addition of the Victory Café, which serves some of the best pies I’ve ever had, located at the bottom of Snaefell is sure to be another favourite spot – with or without the races!

Of course, getting to drive the Mountain Course most days is an absolute privilege.

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The Isle of Man – a nature lover’s paradise

At the time of relocating, we were in a position to work flexibly, which finally gave us the opportunity to get to know the Island as locals. The Island is perfect for outdoor lovers - the proximity to unspoiled nature from the doorstep, the hills, and the sea provided a calm, peaceful and nurturing environment, which afforded us a great work-life balance. 

We also discovered a new passion for walking as there are many footpaths to explore, including by-ways and the Raad ny Foillan coastal path which is exceptional. The walk from the North Barrule ridge to the top of Snaefell Mountain is one of the most spectacular walks I’ve ever done. There’s also lots of opportunity to get out on a bike – with or without an engine! There’s plenty of off-road biking trails, some fantastic coastal roads and countryside lane to get the road bike out on, motocross tracks and a closed-circuit course.

A welcoming community

The Island’s community is probably one of the friendliest I have ever come across, and we have been blessed to meet and make lifelong friends here. We no longer work, but volunteer and have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this close-knit and supportive community.

A small Island – with a big personality

There really is so much to this small Island, it packs a punch in every respect. We love our food, so sampling the many independent cafés and restaurants across all four corners of the Island has been wonderful – and we’re still exploring! Access to local produce is in abundance, both in the local shops and across the food and drink scene – and is something that is really celebrated in the Island.

The Isle of Man really has given us the opportunity to redefine our pace of life and gain a new perspective on living – and this is something we will always be very grateful for.

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