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Driving on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man's beautiful countryside and 600 miles of roads mean that driving is often a leisurely and enjoyable activity. You'll very rarely find yourself in a traffic jam and can often drive for miles without seeing another car.


You can drive in the Isle of Man with a UK driving licence but will need to obtain an Isle of Man driving licence within 3 months of arrival (don't worry you won't have to take your test again!)

Registering your vehicle

All motor vehicles used or kept on any public road in the Isle of Man must be registered on the Island and be licensed. Licences are issued for periods of 12 months.

There is no periodic MOT for vehicles in general, though there are exceptions for goods vehicles and public passenger vehicles.

Learning to Drive and R-Plates

On the Isle of Man you can pass your test at 16 years old. While you are learning to drive you must have a provisional driving licence, display 'L-Plates' on the front and back of the vehicle and be accompanied by a qualified driver over the age of 21 who has had a full licence for 3 years or more.

Once you pass your driving test, you must display 'R-Plates' on the front and back of your vehicle for a year after you have passed your test. New drivers cannot exceed 50mph for the first year of their license.

Outside of work I have long walks with my husband and my 3 dogs. I like eating out and driving around the island, crossing the mountain road. Priscilla, Senior Manager, Abbeylands

Buying a car

The Isle of Man has plenty of car dealerships and garages to buy and repair cars. Cars tend to be slightly more expensive than those in the UK but often have lower mileage.

Hiring a car

The majority of car hire companies are based at Ronaldsway Airport, though some companies will deliver cars to the Sea Terminal in Douglas.

It is a very good place to live, much less stressful than other places yet with a surprisingly great amount of things to do. My only tip is make sure you buy a car that has a dealership on the island. Lloyd, Director of Social Gaming, Glen Vine

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