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How to Apply for or Renew a Work Permit

Applying for a work permit

Your employer is now responsible for the application of your work permit, so it has become even easier for you, your family and even your four-legged friends, to move to the Isle of Man and apply for a work permit though the Isle of Man's online work permit portal.

When applying for a work permit an application can be made by an employer, self-employed person, spouse or civil partner.

Did you know the work permit team aim to process each application within 24 hours?

There may be a possibility whereby an individual's application for a position may be covered by an exemption. See our 'Exemptions' list for more information.



Renewing your work permit

After spending a few months here, you're going to want to call the Isle of Man home and extend your time here. So if your employment is to continue past the date of expiry of the work permit, an application to renew a permit is required. Don't forget that work permits can last up to five years with the single application fee of £60.

Top tip: If you wish to change employment your current or new employer must apply for a new work permit.



Essential Considerations

Work permits are quick and easy to apply for on the Isle of Man, however the work permit team must take the following into consideration when deciding to grant a permit:

  • The level of unemployment within the profession
  • Any likely economic or social consequences of granting or declining the application
  • Personal circumstances of the person concerned

Did you know 86% of all fully completed applications submitted by employers are now processed the same or the next working day?


Find out about job opportunities here

The Isle of Man currently has skills shortages in the following areas, which means you could be exempt from obtaining a work permit, while applications in other areas may mean you could be fast tracked by the Work Permit Office:

Financial Services
Nursing and healthcare
Secondary school teaching


If you'd like more information on applying or renewing a work permit please get in touch and speak to one of Locate's dedicated team members.

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