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Moving to a new country can be one of the most rewarding moves of your life - but it can also be one of the most demanding! Read below to learn how easy and stress-free your move can be.
Moving to a new country can be one of the most rewarding moves of your life!

You’ve decided to take the leap and are moving to the Isle of Man… but how are you going to bring everything over?? Read below to learn how easy and stress-free your move can be!


Moving house can be stressful but the Isle of Man's ferry service makes moving your things a lot easier and cheaper. You can arrange for larger transport vehicles and vans to transport your belongings. Most pets can be taken on-board, too!

The Isle of Man Ferry is a great option if you are moving from the UK, Europe, or Ireland. We have daily service from Heysham (Lancashire), Liverpool/Birkenhead, Dublin and Belfast. You can drive your car or van on board and relax as you journey to your new home. (You’ll also avoid baggage excess fees from airlines!)


Of course, if you are coming from farther afield, you will need to fly. Flying is the quickest and, for many, the most convenient way to get here. In recent years, the Island's air connections have expanded, leading to greater choice for travellers. The Isle of Man Airport, Ronaldsway, has daily flights to and from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland making it ideal for international connections.

You should check with your carrier about luggage fees and limitations. The Isle of Man is not at a loss for clothing shops, hardware and furniture stores, or electronic shops- so you can always pack light and replenish when you arrive!


Moving Companies

There's a good choice of local removal companies who specialise in UK, European and international collection and delivery. They can liaise with your movers, organise the entire experience and even offer online tracking of your belongings as they travel to the Island.

A selection of removal companies are listed below:


Bringing your car

All UK, Channel Island, Irish or foreign registered motor vehicles brought into the Isle of Man must be re-registered in the Island at the earliest opportunity.

You must submit an application form for both registration of the vehicle and its first licence, current registration documents, and certificate of insurance to the post office. Under certain circumstances, you may need to present a ‘road worthiness certificate’.

If you are bringing a motor vehicle from outside the UK, you will also need a Customs Clearance Certificate.

To learn more about importing your car to the Isle of Man, click HERE


Bringing your pet

We love our pets and are excited for yours to join us in the Isle of Man. To learn more about this process, please visit Bringing your pet to the Isle of Man for further reading.


There are heaps of things to do when moving to a new country, but do not fret- we are here to help. Take a look at our Checklist for some top tips


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