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Kai Botha, South Africa

Kai Botha is digital marketing manager who has recently relocated to the Isle of Man from Johannesburg. An avid outdoorsman, Kai is enjoying all the Island has to offer!

Hi Kai, thank you for sharing your story with us! Can you tell us what sparked your journey to the Isle of Man?

My partner and I were living in Johannesburg for about five years and were ready for a change. Johannesburg is the financial centre of Africa and it’s an electric and buzzing place- but working in the ‘Big Smog’ takes its toll.

My partner and I were on a 10 day holiday to the Isle of Man; on the third day we both turned to each other and said ‘we have to move here’!

We didn’t just want to trade one big city for another; we wanted something a little off the beaten track, something a bit different.


The Isle of Man could be described like that! What are your favourite parts of your new home?

It’s a truly beautiful Island, you’re never far away from the sea and the fact that I can leave the office at the end of the day and be on my bike in the mountains in 10 minutes is priceless.


We couldn’t agree more! Did you find the transition to Island life difficult?

Finding a job and adjusting to life on the Island was easy. The locals are friendly and we were immediately welcomed.

In terms of my career, there’s an established off-shore finance sector here with plenty of room to grow, gain experience and contribute. I feel like more than just a number and have a lot more autonomy and real freedom to make a difference.

There’s a fantastic sense of community here. It offers all the aspects of ‘big city living’ but in an incredible, unspoilt environment.  The Island is perfectly placed with connections to Liverpool, Dublin, London, and beyond.


Can you give us a glimpse into your life- what’s an average day look like?

Of course! My days start with a bike ride in the hills or a walk along the promenade in Douglas, before the short commute to work. There’s plenty of time to catch up on industry news and emails before meetings with my team to discuss the tasks for the day. I can be home by 5:30pm so there’s plenty of time to explore the countryside, mountain biking or hiking before dinner and drinks with friends.

The work life balance here is great – people work hard, but they appreciate that there’s more to life than just work.

Sounds like you really enjoy the outdoors. What are some of your favourite things to do?

The natural landscape here lends itself to outdoor activities and adventure of all kinds! I personally enjoy mountain biking, kayaking and hiking- but there is so much to do! The Island has so many paths and trails that there is always something new to discover.


What would you say to someone looking to relocate to the Island?

I would tell them to jump at it! The Island is incredibly safe and it offers us a lifestyle we would not be able to enjoy if we’d stayed in Johannesburg.

I look back now and truly believe that we made the right decision moving to the Isle of Man, every day is an opportunity to meet someone new, find a great mountain bike trail or hike a beautiful Glen. Each day we find ourselves falling a little bit more in love with this special place.

If you’re ready to fall in love with the Isle of Man, contact a member of our team today! 


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