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Isle of Man residents enjoy some of the lowest tax rates in Europe with a simple and efficient calculation system. Our low tax rate allows you to enjoy more of your hard earned money, thus improving your quality of life.
Tax and National Insurance

In the Isle of Man, residents enjoy low taxes; pay NO Capital Gains Tax, NO Inheritance Tax, and NO Stamp Duty. Residents can also easily and expediently file their annual tax return via our online system.


What are the tax rates in the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man operates a simple taxation regime with two tax rates (or bands) for individual personal income. The standard (or lower) rate is 10% and the upper rate is only 20%.

The standard rate (10%) tax threshold is £6,500 for a single person, £13,000 per couple. The remaining balance is taxed at the upper rate.


Is there a tax cap?

Yes. The tax cap is £150,000 for an individual and £300,000 for a jointly assessed married couple or civil partners.

Under the tax cap system, an individual must elect for the tax cap to be applied and, if the election is approved, it will apply to the individual for a period of five consecutive tax years.


What are the personal allowances?

This year, the personal allowance (tax free earnings) for a single person is £13,250 and for a married couple, £26,500.


Example Income Breakdown

So what do all these numbers mean? If you are a single person (claiming no additional dependents or allowances), earning £30,000 per annum, your yearly income tax would be £2,700. Check the table below for an example income breakdown:


Annual income: £30,000

 Single Person Allowance:


 Taxable income:

 £16,750 (£30,000 income-£13,250 allowance)

 Standard tax threshold for Single Person:


 10% of £6,500:


 Remaining balance at Upper Rate:

 £10,250 (£16,750 taxable income-£6,500 standard tax threshold)

 20% of £10,350:


Total contribution: £2,700 (only 9% of total income)


Isle of Man compared to other Jurisdictions 

To see how the Isle of Man compares to other countries, see the chart below:

Jurisdiction Tax free allowance Tax Bands Total Contribution

 Isle of Man

 £13,250  10%, 20%  £2,700


 £11,850 (No personal allowance on incomes over £123,700)

 20%, 40%, 45%  £3,630

 Ireland  (£1=€1.12)

 £1,470.86 (applied as ‘single person credit’)  20%,40%  £5,705

*All figures are based on £30,000 in annual earnings for a single person claiming no further allowances*


More information on contributions can be found on the Government website.


Tax calculator

Find out how much tax you're likely to pay on the Isle of Man.

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(Take home pay excludes NI deductions)

* If you elect to opt-in to the tax cap system operated on the Island. For more information click here

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