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In recent years the Isle of Man has become a popular location for international expatriates to settle, including those from outside the European Economic Area.

Why the Isle of Man?

In recent years the Isle of Man has become a popular location for international expatriates to settle, including those from outside the European Economic Area. Many international residents on the Isle of Man work in the E-Gaming, E-Business and IT sectors and with such a large community here, there are expatriates working in almost every sector. Those living on the Island, benefit from great lifestyle opportunities, open space, a safe environment, great education and a real sense of community.


The 2015-16 Isle of Man Chief Constable's report, based on overall recorded crime statistics from the period compared with the United Kingdom and Channel Islands, found the Isle of Man to be the safest place in the British Isles.

Many on the Island feel this level of personal safety is down to both the sense of community and the individual accountability given by living in a small place.


Maintaining a quality lifestyle is a key element to Island life. You can choose to live in a flat in town, a new build on an estate, or a character property by the sea. At just over 35 miles long and with over 100 miles of coastline you can be sure you're never far from a spectacular view. While the Island has a northerly location, average annual sunshine hours are consistently higher than London.

Furthermore, the average population density is below 150 people per square km, compared to England where that figure is over 400 people per square km.

The Manx people love the outdoors and there are numerous events, clubs and societies in almost everything you can imagine. These clubs and societies also offer a great way to meet new friends, make contacts and find general help fitting into the Island life.

Sense of Community

One thing that sets the Manx people apart is their overarching sense of community and belonging. While we are proud of our unique culture and heritage, it is no secret that a high proportion of the Island's residents were born elsewhere. This diversity aspect is considered a particular reason for the Island's economic success, with the Isle of Man never afraid to embrace, integrate and absorb new ideas, working practices and expertise from abroad

The concept of community underpins everything on the Island, from low crime figures, sport, recreation, lifestyle and education.


The Isle of Man's great education provision contributes to the Island's reputation as a fantastic place to raise a family. The Isle of Man has five unselective Secondary Schools offering GCSEs and A-Levels and one independent school offering the International Baccalaureate. Beyond education, the schools offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

The Island also has its own further education institution, University College Isle of Man, where students can undertake vocational, further and higher education qualifications and courses. The Isle of Man is also able to support its residents to study abroad for degree level courses not available on the Island*.

*Eligibility rules apply.


The Isle of Man is open to skilled workers from all jurisdictions moving to the Island and has systems in place to ensure the right candidates are able to relocate to the Island.

Workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) are subject to different arrangements to workers from the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Persons who are not EEA nationals are subject to control under the Immigration Acts (of the UK Parliament) as extended to the Isle of Man, and will in most cases also require permission to work under the Points Based System.

Click here for further information on immigration rules for non-EEA nationals.

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