The Isle of Man's Unique Heritage

With a rich history dating back to its earliest inhabitation before 6500 BC, the Isle of Man has a huge appeal for both tourists and those wishing to make their home here.
Isle of Man's Unique Heritage

Often associated with an amazing motorsport history, the Island has countless hidden gems to offer. In this post, we chat to Darrel Tinnion, Business Development Manager of Visit IOM about many appeals of the Isle of Man.

The natural beauty of the island attracts many visitors, but the people and the culture offer as much diversity as the land. Locals are incredibly proud of their Manx roots and in many areas of the island, particularly around the ancient capital, Castletown, and Peel, you'll be reminded of the strong Celtic and Viking history.

Castle Rushen, or Cashtal Rosien, is located in the ancient capital and is one of most well-preserved medieval castles in the world. There is a museum within the walls and you can round off your trip by heading up the spiral staircase for breath-taking panoramic views. Peel Castle is another fine example of the Island's Manx heritage and provides more picturesque views across Peel Marina.

Locals love to make the most of the beautiful landscape by keeping as active as possible. There is no shortage of activities available for families, friends and couples, from scenic walks to shipwreck dives, or whale watching to mountain biking, there is something for everyone.

The motor racing history is of course what the Island is renowned for around the world, with the Isle of Man TT, the Festival of Motorcycling and several rally events attracting thousands of visitors every year. Experiencing the rush of these events is an amazing addition to any trip.

Whilst Motorsport is hugely popular, other cultural attractions, particularly in the capital of Douglas, are must-visits. The Gaiety Theatre, which was built in 1899 by Frank Matchan, is located in the centre of Douglas Promenade and hosts plays, musicals, concerts and comedy shows all year-round.

Just a short walk from the theatre is Sayle Gallery, which has a stunning range of art and exhibitions, with the featured artist frequently available on site and available to talk about their work. The gallery also plays a part in the island's first and only festival of visual arts, which has been a huge success over the last six years.

Also located on the Promenade is the 4-star Palace Hotel and Casino, providing travellers with everything they will need, including bars, restaurants, a health club and cinema. The Sefton Hotel, beautifully restored from its Victorian roots, provides a more traditional but equally well-equipped stay, with award-winning food.

Great food and drink is part and parcel of island life, with Douglas boasting several high-class restaurants including Tanroagan, providing the best fresh fish, and 14North, which uses the finest local produce. The Hooded Ram Brewery Bar also provides an all-around Isle of Man experience with award-winning ales and more fantastic food.

Maybe it's time to explore the Isle of Man for a short visit or perhaps on a more permanent base? Then why not get in touch with Visit IOM for both travel and accommodation bookings to the Island?

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