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Healthcare Jobs in Demand

The Isle of Man has opportunities for Children and Family Nurses, Mental Health Nurses and Social Workers looking to progress their careers whilst enjoying a great quality of life in a stunning UNESCO Biosphere!

The Isle of Man is a beautiful place to live that’s only a 40 minute flight from London with little to no traffic.

If you are relocating or returning to the Island, you can also benefit from the Insurance Holiday Scheme, which allows you to apply for a refund on your NI contributions for your 1st year of living here.

The Department of Health and Social Care aim to be an employer of choice with fantastic educational facilities and our medical education programs regularly score top.

About the Island’s healthcare system

The Island’s healthcare system is separate to the UK NHS. It is provided by a National Health Service based on that in the United Kingdom, but independently financed and administered within the Isle of Man. 

The health service across the Isle of Man, delivers exceptional care to patients Island-wide. We are always on the lookout to recruit new people to join our excellent, supportive teams within the Isle of Man's health care system.

Healthcare on the Isle of Man is continually progressing. The Isle of Man Department for Health and Social Care believes that every contact with patients count, and their strategy is refreshed to reflect this. It is vital to our service that the public's healthcare needs are met effectively and compassionately.

The Isle of Man DHSC offer a generalist service supported by specialities from some of the top providers in the UK such as Clatterbridge, Liverpool heart and chest hospital and Alder Hey. For nurses, they rely on clinical nurse specialists to support patients on Island supported by centres in the UK (neurology, respiratory, oncology) offering great opportunities for nurses to develop clinically.

Roles Currently in Demand

Nursing Jobs in Demand

Opportunities exist on the Isle of Man for qualified nurses in the following sectors:-

  • Midwifery
  • Neonatal nursing
  • Paediatric nursing
  • Community children’s nursing
  • School nursing

The Island's nurses and midwives play a vital role in the delivery of quality care to the Isle of Man's residents.

Enzo Ferrari

On my first day as a registered nurse with the "big blue" responsible uniform, it was the actual hospital itself that captured my amazement.  As a student nurse, I worked in an extremely intimidating large inner-city hospital where you are only recognised as a number on a spreadsheet.  Noble's is a small intimate hospital where you are recognised by your first name.  It was an extremely welcome change.

Kirsteen MacFarlane, Scotland

Opportunities for development and career progression

Once you have transferred into the DHSC you will have the same opportunities to progress as all your colleagues working in the system. The Isle of Man is a great place to advance your career, whether you are recently qualified or experienced and looking to take on more leadership responsibility.

Nursing structures on the Isle of Man are almost identical to that of the United Kingdom. Nurses on the Isle of Man benefit from a robust preceptorship programme for newly qualified staff, available in all sectors of nursing.

Initially, Liz thought there might be few chances for career progression on the island. ‘But I soon discovered there were many more career opportunities than I would have had in the UK,’ she says.
- Liz Cullinane, Isle of Man Repatriate

Fully funded further study

Nurses working for the DHSC on the Isle of Man have the opportunity to undertake further study free of charge. Nurses can choose to expand their overall knowledge or can specialise in a particular field. Courses can include master's level education in a variety of nursing and other professional subjects.

"There are excellent career progression opportunities here, in 6 years I have progressed from a band 5 to a band 7, and I am presently undertaking my master's degree, fully funded by the Department of Health.  I feel supported here - both professionally and financially."

Suzie Skelding, Isle of Man Repatriate

Here is Suzie's story,

Mental Health Nursing Jobs in Demand

The Isle of Man is currently welcoming mental health professionals with skills in:

  • Mental health nursing
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Psychology
  • Drugs and alcohol therapy

To register your skills on the Locate Talent Portal, click here.

How an unregrettable decision changed the course of my life! I relocated to the IOM and stepped into my new role as a counsellor in November 2019. Coming from a non-medical background, working within a MHS setting proved to be somehow unfamiliar, but not for a long time. Being part of a remarkable team of mental health professionals, the unconditional positive regard received enabled an instant transition. I am proud and love being part of the team! I appreciate the opportunity to practice, staying true to my professional approach and make a difference to my clients lives. I now feel part of our small community, which I admire, I particularly love people’s kindness and warmth. Quite impressive how a decision has enhanced my life style!

Maria Mihalache-Ward, Counsellor

To find out more about working within the DHSC and how to apply, visit the Isle of Man Public Service Careers website.

Social Work Jobs in Demand

Our social workers enjoy diverse and capped caseloads, a focus on training and development and a strong sense of community.

It is essential that you are fully registered with Social Work England (SWE).

Noble's Hospital opened in 2003 and equipped to the latest standards, Noble's Hospital is the Island’s only district general hospital. The hospital provides a comprehensive range of services typical of most district general hospitals including acute medicine, general and orthopaedic surgery, maternity, paediatrics, SCBU, ITU & CCU.

The Isle of Man DHSC have an exciting ambition to build a new model of health and social care that delivers truly effective health and social care strategies in a way which is innovative and responsive to community needs.  By working within the DHSC you can make a difference and be a part of shaping the Island’s future health services.

Integrated Community Services

The independent review of the Isle of Man’s healthcare system, completed in 2019, recommended the development of a more integrated healthcare system with services delivered in the community with a significant shift away from hospital based delivery of care, particularly for the elderly and of those with complex needs. As a result a significant programme of work is underway to develop a number of new services which will deliver integrated services in the community. These include:

  • Wellbeing Partnerships, which provide a single point of access for service users in the community through the implementation of a multidisciplinary, shared decision making approach to delivery of community care.
  • Intermediate Care - A number of integrated services to promote faster recovery from illness, prevent unnecessary acute hospital admission and premature admission to long-term residential care and support timely discharge from hospital and maximise independent living.
  • Community Frailty Service – a community based multidisciplinary approach to the assessment, personalised care planning and delivery of targeted interventions to help stop or even reverse the progression of frailty for the most vulnerable within our society.

Why work within the Department of Health and Social Care?

Along with the benefits you can enjoy living on the Isle of Man, some of the incredible benefits you could enjoy working within the DHSC include:

  • Working within a hospital equipped to the latest standards, providing a comprehensive range of services.
  • Brilliant training and development opportunities – they have an education and training centre with a simulation suite and library situated on the grounds.
  • A great working environment with a supportive and welcoming management. The team is close-knit and driven to ensure they provide high-quality healthcare services to the Island’s residents.
  • The need is recognised for all medical staff on the Island to maintain connections with medicine in the United Kingdom. There are generous study leave provisions with pay and expenses to attend approved conferences and workshops.
  • Competitive salaries which, on average, are comparatively higher than other jurisdictions.
  • Low tax rates; the maximum tax rate is 20%. Taxes in the Isle of Man are among the lowest in Europe. There is no inheritance tax, no stamp duty on house purchases and no capital gains tax.
  • Isle of Man residents enjoy an enviable quality of life with short commute times, excellent schools and coastal views from many locations. Access to the UK is simple with daily flights from Ronaldsway Airport to convenient locations all over the UK.
  • Free car parking at Noble’s Hospital and other DHSC sites.
  • Access to master's level study in a variety of nursing and professional subjects. 

Relocation Scheme

The DHSC offer a generous relocation scheme enabling you and your family to make a stress free move to the Island. Take a look at their relocation leaflet to see what support and assistance they can offer.

Pensions Scheme

Isle of Man DHSC employees can take advantage of a rewarding pension scheme, still based on final salary contributions.  Full details of the benefits of the public sector pension can be viewed here:

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