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Teaching in Manx primary & secondary schools is a hugely rewarding job. We have jobs with fantastic opportunities where your career can thrive. You can pursue an amazing career and gain a great work life balance when you choose to teach in the Isle of Man.

Teaching in the Isle of Man

Where could you teach?

The Isle of Man has 5 secondary and 32 primary, state-funded, schools. Primary schools are located across the Island, while secondary schools are located around the major population centres of Douglas, Castletown, Peel and Ramsey. If you choose to live away from town you will be treated to a scenic commute each morning, rarely lasting any more than 20 minutes. There are also two independent schools, The Buchan School and King Williams College.

Career Development Opportunities

All our employees have access to the Learning, education and Development (LeaD) facility. LeaD offers an extensive range of courses that employees can attend and many courses facilitated online. Our approach to staff development means you’ll have regular opportunities to discuss your pathway with your manager and receive support to help you achieve success in your chosen career. The Island’s schools support teacher training and progression all the way through to headship. Opportunities for professional development and study can include:

  • Newly qualified teachers (‘NQTs’) and Early Career Teachers will receive a tailored programme of professional development and monitoring.
  • In their first and second years, NQT’s and Early Career Teachers teach fewer lessons than more experienced teachers, freeing them up for training and development.
  • Staff are encouraged to further their own professional qualifications and a ‘Leadership in Education’ Master’s degree programme is available on Island through the University of Chester.

Please note that UK Qualified Teacher Status is a requirement to teach in Secondary Schools in the Isle of Man.

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One of the first things that struck me was how welcoming everyone was within the school and the sense of community both in and out of work. My now not-so-new colleagues are really friendly, I have a good set of students who helped me settle into school life.

Rachel Lucas, Northern Ireland (Relocated to the Isle of Man to teach at Ballakermeen High School)

Rates of Pay & Benefits

Newly qualified teacher salaries are equivalent to that of the UK (depending on location). After completing an induction year, teachers can apply to take on additional responsibilities. The island will be implementing the Early Careers Framework, providing high quality professional development to teachers at the start of their career.

Newly qualified teachers will now receive development, support and training over two years instead of one.

This includes:

  • Two years of new, funded, high quality training
  • A dedicated mentor and time to meet weekly

An experienced teacher with responsibility for leading a faculty in a large secondary school would attract a salary in excess of £50,000.

Secondary Head Teachers, in recognition of the considerable  responsibility they have for large budgets, often more than 100 teaching and non-teaching staff and hundreds of pupils, can be paid more than £90,000 in large schools. Our employees are able to take advantage of our rewarding pension scheme. We offer a defined benefit scheme where both you and the organisation contribute towards your future.

As part of the Pension Scheme, if you should die whilst in service or after you have retired, rest assured the scheme will help provide for your chosen beneficiaries.

On moving to the Isle of Man and beginning employment in a teaching role you may be eligible to receive a golden hello up to £4000 and a £200 per month housing allowance, applicable if you are within your first two years of teaching. 

Please note that UK Qualified Teacher Status is a requirement to teach in Secondary Schools on the Isle of Man. 

For routes to QTS for teachers who qualified outside of the UK can read guidance HERE

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