ICT Jobs in Demand

The Isle of Man has a thriving and dynamic ICT sector that has seen exceptional growth over the past decade.

Leading the way in exciting, new technology

The Isle of Man has a thriving and dynamic ICT sector that has seen exceptional growth over the past decade. The continued success of the ICT sector has provided an opportunity for a growing number of skilled workers to move to the Isle of Man to take up employment.

Specialist skills across ICT are highly sought after in the Isle of Man and the prospects for career development are endless. There are a range of exciting companies to choose from, ranging from global blue-chip companies to innovative boutique software houses.

ICT Jobs in Demand:

  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Phone Application and Device Management
  • Security and Compliance in IT
  • Database Administration
  • Technical and Helpdesk Support
  • Web Development
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Digital Marketing

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An industry built on innovation

The Island's diverse sectors mean that your ICT skills can be utilised in an exciting range of companies from large e-Gaming firms and internet providers to start-up web development and crypto firms. There has been vast investment in the Island's power infrastructure and data hosting capabilities meaning a growing number of companies are choosing to relocate to the Isle of Man, joining the well-established cluster of existing businesses

Employers on the Island are often willing to offer training for motivated starters and for those people looking for continued career development.

The current demand for ICT staff has also seen an increase in the average salary in this sector, with many companies offering excellent remuneration.

The Isle of Man Government recently announced work permit exemptions for certain ICT and eBusiness workers. This means Isle of Man companies can now hire skilled workers from the UK and European Economic Area without applying for a work permit. The exemptions only apply to jobs lasting at least 12 months with a salary (excluding bonuses) of at least £25,000 a year (click here for more information).

A network of experts

On the Isle of Man you can enjoy the mix of the Island's laid back culture and the high tech, fast paced world of technology. The number of dynamic, young companies using exciting technology on the Island has led to a cluster of likeminded people in the sector. Initiatives such as the Isle of Man E-Club have led to excellent networking opportunities and the ability to tap into shared talent and advice.

Driving the success of the Island's ICT sector is the Manx ICT Association (MICTA). MICTA is the hub of ICT on the Isle of Man and the group can help you with:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to a hub of resources
  • Access to new information in the local IT sector
  • Introduction to key companies
  • Training and skills development

Continued Career Development

The Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education offers a range of ICT courses from BSc in Computer Science to short courses in IT skills. There are also plans for an ICT University based on the Isle of Man in the next year.


The Manx ICT Association (MICTA) offers training for children, students and unexperienced adults in the form of Codeclub. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the basics of coding and programming. The club also bring over respected speakers to tap into the latest innovations in the sector.

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