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Nursing Jobs in Demand

The Island's nurses and midwives play a vital role in the delivery of quality care to the Isle of Man's residents.

Opportunities exist on the Isle of Man for qualified nurses in the following sectors:

  • Hospitals
  • Mental health
  • Community nursing (which includes district nursing, health visiting, school nursing and prison nursing)
  • Nursing homes

Healthcare on the Isle of Man is continually progressing and is governed entirely separately to the NHS in the United Kingdom. The Manx Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) believes that every contact with patients count and their strategy is refreshed to reflect this. It is vital to our service that the public's healthcare needs are met effectively and compassionately.

Government employed nurses on the Island enjoy a number of benefits:

  • The Isle of Man offers competitive nursing salaries which, on average, are comparatively higher than other jurisdictions.
  • Taxes in the Isle of Man are among the lowest in Europe. There is no stamp duty on house purchases and no capital gains tax.
  • Isle of Man residents enjoy an enviable quality of life, with short commute times, great schools and coastal views. Access back to the UK is simple with daily flights from Ronaldsway Airport to convenient locations all over the UK.
  • Free car parking at Nobles Hospital and other DHSC sites.
  • Access to Master's level study in a variety of nursing and professional subjects. 

Relocation Assistance

The Isle of Man Government recognises that successful candidates relocating to take up posts on the Island incur related costs and a relocation package is offered to certain categories of staff to alleviate these costs and encourage recruitment to the Island. We know that moving can be a stressful time, the financial assistance available is designed to alleviate some of that pressure, enabling you to spend more time adapting to your new life and less worrying about the cost of becoming re-established.

Financial assistance is offered to cover removal costs, up to a total of £7,000. Examples of the type of removal costs which are covered include:

  • Preliminary visit to the Island
  • Removal of household effects*
  • Storage of household effects
  • Fees associated with buying and selling of property
  • Relocation of dependents.
  • Miscellaneous expenses such as telephone, gas, electric connections.

In addition, for some posts which are difficult to recruit to, successful candidates may be offered a recruitment incentive payment of up to £3,000. The DHSC also offers financial assistance to staff relocating to the Isle of Man where they find their accommodation costs to be higher for a similar standard of property than those paid prior to their move. This monthly assistance payment is made for a maximum of two years and will be either the difference in cost between the existing rent or mortgage and that in the Isle of Man, or £250, whichever is less.

*In some cases removal costs can be paid upfront, so the successful candidate is not out of pocket. 

Moving Over

The Isle of Man operates a work permit system that ensures on Island skills are utilised, however, nurses relocating to the Island do not require work permits thanks to recent changes in legislation. Partners (Civil, Spouse or co-habiting partner) of an Isle of Man worker are eligible for an automatic 1-year work permit even if they have not yet secured employment. The cost for this permit is £60 and is annually renewable.

Opportunities for development & career progression

Once you have transferred into the DHSC you will have the same opportunities to progress as all your colleagues working in the system. The Isle of Man is a great place to progress your career, whether you are recently qualified or experienced and looking to take on more leadership responsibility.

Nursing structures on the Isle of Man are almost identical to that of the United Kingdom. Nurses on the Isle of Man benefit from a robust preceptorship programme for newly qualified staff, available in all sectors of nursing.

"On my first day as a registered nurse with the "big blue" responsible uniform, it was the actual hospital itself that captured my amazement. As a student nurse I worked in an extremely intimidating large inner city hospital where you are only recognised as a number on a spreadsheet. Noble's is a small intimate hospital where you are recognised by your first name. It was an extremely welcome change."

-Kirsteen MacFarlane, Scotland

Fully funded further study

Nurses working for the DHSC on the Isle of Man have the opportunity to undertake further study free of charge. Nurses conducting further study can choose to expand their overall knowledge or can specialise in a particular field. Courses can include Master's level study in a variety of nursing and other professional subjects.

"There are excellent career progression opportunities here, in 6 years I have progressed from a band 5 to a band 7 and I am presently undertaking my master’s degree, fully funded by the Department of Health. I feel supported here- both professionally and financially."

-Suzie Skelding, Isle of Man Repatriate

Pensions Scheme

Nurses on the Isle of Man have the opportunity to join the Public Sector Pensions Scheme, a scheme still based on final salary contributions. Full details of the benefits of the Public Sector pension can be viewed here:

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