What do the Isle of Man's Next Generation of leaders have to say about the life in the Isle of Man

Hear from Gef's 30 Under 30 winners

Introducing some of the all-new #Gef30Under30 winners: the next generation of our island’s leaders. These thirty young visionaries are making their mark on the Isle of Man, each nominated under different categories, including Trail Blazers, Leadership, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Disruptors, Creativity, Community, Impact, and Collaboration. We’ve pulled out content from the interviews with the nominees that talks about their life in the Isle of Man and the benefits of living on the island for young people under 30.

Ana Dawson, aged 22, is a professional golfer with the Ladies European Tour. She believes that there are so many benefits to living on the Isle of Man, stating that she has never found anywhere with the same community. Ana has received an overwhelming amount of support from the island to help her pursue her dreams, which motivated her to represent the Manx flag.


Ciara Sowerby, age 23, is an Actuarial Associate at PwC Isle of Man. She made the decision to come back to the island after graduating, stating that there were financial benefits like low taxes and the NI holiday scheme, but the job market here was really suited to what she wanted to do with her career. Plus, she just loves the island - it's really remarkable that we are so lucky to get to live there.


Sophie Corkish, age 29, is a Senior Associate at Appleby (Isle of Man) LLC. She believes that in the field of law, there are so many benefits to coming back to the Isle of Man following Uni, like the work-life balance. You are able to leave the office at a reasonable time and enjoy your evenings and weekends, which may not be the case if you were working in a big city. You also don't have to factor in commute times. Sophie also mentioned that there were excellent, high-quality work coming through the doors in the Isle of Man, which is great from an experience perspective.

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Jasmine Cowin, age 25, is an External Relations Executive Officer at the Cabinet Office, Isle of Man Government. She believes that the Isle of Man is a truly great place to live and work, surrounded by her amazing family and friends. She feels that the Gef's 30 under 30 list is a testament to how nurturing the island can be to support you to succeed.


Sara-Jayne Dodge, age 29, is an Advocate with Advocates Smith Jaubit Unsworth Ltd. She believes that the smaller community on the island provides a freedom for young people to flourish. It means there can be a greater impact when you are passionately promoting your cause, and on a sunny day, the beauty of the island goes unchallenged. Why wouldn't you want to live here?


Abijail Robson, age 24, is a Compliance Analyst at Amber Gaming. She returned to the Isle of Man because of her family and the fantastic opportunities for career development on the island in a variety of fast-paced and exciting sectors. The island is seen as such a hub for so many large businesses.


Jenni Smith, age 29, runs SoundCheck Isle of Man, an Arts Council project for young people, teaching them how to play music, be in bands, do gigs and things like that. She believes that the community that is fostered on the island is valuable and beneficial.


Ruby Biscoe-Taylor, age 29, is a self-employed musician and employed at UCM. She returned to the Isle of Man because of the support she received, partly from her family and partly from the community around her. She has benefitted hugely from the fantastic work done by the Isle of Man Arts Council and Culture

The Isle of Man is not only a beautiful place to live but also a nurturing environment for young people to flourish. The Gef 30 Under 30 winners showcase the diverse talent and success stories that the island has to offer. From professional golfers to compliance analysts, the Isle of Man provides fantastic opportunities for career development and a supportive community that values creativity and innovation. It's no wonder these young leaders have chosen to make the Isle of Man their home.