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Graeme's inspiring story from entry-level to Country Manager

Graeme Sullivan's journey from an entry-level role to Country Manager and Chief Operating Officer at Barclays in the Isle of Man exemplifies his resilience and dedication. His story highlights the exceptional career opportunities, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant community spirit that make the Isle of Man a great place to live and work.

Career at Barclays

Graeme began his career at Barclays in 2007 after leaving Liverpool. He was drawn to the Isle of Man for its proximity to his hometown and its strong reputation as a financial hub. "I wanted to be independent and international while staying close enough to visit home on weekends," he recalls. Graeme's journey at Barclays started in an entry-level analyst role and progressed through various positions as he gained experience in different areas of the bank.


International Experience and Return to the Isle of Man

Graeme's career expanded beyond the Isle of Man as he worked in corporate banking in Gibraltar and spent a decade in the private banking sector in Dubai. There, he honed his leadership skills and eventually became COO for the Middle East. Upon his return to the Isle of Man, he assumed the COO position and has since been promoted to Country Manager.

Life on the Isle of Man

Graeme appreciates the Isle of Man's natural beauty and its stunning scenery. “I don't know if beautiful does it justice, because genuinely, on a nice day or even on a less nice day, it is just breath-taking,” he shares. Graeme values long walks with his dog and family, enjoying the beaches and scenic glens that the Island offers. He recommends the Isle of Man as an ideal place for families and for raising children.


Settling In and Embracing the Community

The Isle of Man quickly felt like home to Graeme due to the warmth and friendliness of the locals. "Of all the places I’ve lived, the Isle of Man has been the easiest place to settle, genuinely, because people are very welcoming," he says. Graeme has embraced the community by volunteering as a police officer during his spare time, finding the experience rewarding and further affirming the island's strong sense of community.


Why the Isle of Man

Graeme praises the Isle of Man's safe and supportive environment for raising a family and the lifelong friendships he has cultivated. When recommending the Isle of Man to others looking to relocate, Graeme highlights the career opportunities that the Island offers, which he attributes to his own success. "The Isle of Man has been the springboard for my career," he says, "allowing me to grow from an entry-level role to a senior leadership position within a multinational blue-chip organisation."

The Isle of Man has been the springboard for my career

Employee Culture at Barclays

Committed to making Barclays the best place to work on the Isle of Man, Graeme focuses on fostering a positive work culture with flexibility, hybrid working options, and investments in world-class facilities. Looking closely at employee opinion amongst other colleague engagement initiatives, Barclays do a survey twice a year to understand how they feel about working at Barclays and Graeme shared that “over the last couple of years, the results have just gone completely through the roof”.



Graeme's inspiring journey with Barclays on the Isle of Man illustrates the Island's unique blend of professional growth, natural beauty, and welcoming community. His experience highlights how the Isle of Man provides a strong foundation for a fulfilling career and a high quality of life. For those considering a move, Graeme's story is a testament to the exceptional opportunities available to those choosing to live and work in the Isle of Man.

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