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Further Your Career in Finance

With a variety of exciting companies to choose from, ranging from start-ups and international banks to the big four and global eGaming brands, there are a wide range of sought-after roles across a broad range of sectors.

Few, if any jurisdictions around the world can boast the Isle of Man's array of skills and experience in delivering international employee benefits solutions across borders. It is a close-knit financial services community that takes pride in its ability to work collaboratively in developing seamless solutions for an ever more demanding international workforce.

Organisations offer competitive salaries, attractive benefit packages and continued professional and career development - with many subsidising or funding further professional qualifications, relocation support and more.

Current roles in demand include:


Entry to Mid-Level Roles:

  • Company Administrator
  • AML Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Compliance & Risk Administrator
  • Money Laundering Reporting Officer
  • Legal & Data Protection Officer
  • Compliance Assistant
  • Junior Administrators
  • Payroll Officer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Trainee Accountant
  • Corporate Governance Officer
  • Corporate Governance Executive


Mid to Senior Level Roles:

  • Senior Administrator
  • AML Analyst
  • Senior CSP Administrator
  • Head of Compliance & Risk
  • Group Roles – Group Head of Compliance, Group Head of Money Laundering Reporting
  • Accountants
  • Compliance Manager
  • Auditors
  • Tax Consultant
  • Compliance Advisory Roles
  • Director

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Nestled in the heart of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is easily accessible...

A stunning, safe and secure environment, it is the only International Financial Centre in situated within a UNESCO Biosphere reserve – a testament to its commitment to a sustainable future.

The Isle of Man has more than 50 years’ experience as an International Financial Centre (IFC), developing a strong and diverse sector that spans banking, investments, insurance, pensions and fiduciaries.

There’s no better place to thrive than a vibrant, diverse and established finance industry, within a UNESCO Biosphere

Isle of Man companies are trusted and used by clients globally. A career in Financial & Professional Services on the Isle of Man will open opportunities to work with people from across the world, solving diverse issues for multi-national clients.

Financial & Professional Services are leading the world through the green revolution. The sector provides the expertise to ensure that businesses operate in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, whilst adhering to our internationally respected regulations. On the Isle of Man, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles are at the heart of every Financial organisation.

The Island is internationally recognised for its excellence in Insurtech and Fintech, sectors which utilise the latest technology to improve the quality of services for people around the world! As a welcoming and thriving hub, operating at the cutting-edge of these sectors, businesses constantly seek driven people with a passion for new technology.

There are over 20 professional societies representing our sector, which provides you with plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and expand your professional and social network on the Isle of Man.

Regulated by the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (FSA), highly regarded internationally for its exceptionally high standards, the Island’s financial and professional services sector is a respected global player with stable governance, and small enough to quickly adapt to changing times and find innovative solutions for today’s financial markets.

Why relocate to the Isle of Man?

The Isle of Man offers more than just rewarding finance careers, it has incredible standards of safety, excellent healthcare and education systems and a vibrant culture and hospitality scene.

Thanks to the Island’s short commute times and our beautiful and diverse scenery, there is a better quality of life with the opportunity to thrive in your career, whilst maximizing your down time, be it exploring the great outdoors or spending more quality time with loved ones.

Start a new chapter today - there’s no better place!

✔️ Excellent quality of life - With 86% of residents saying their quality of life is excellent.

✔️ UNESCO BIOSPHERE - The Isle of Man is the only entire nation in the world to be named a UNESCO Biosphere – testament to its spectacular and varied natural landscapes.

✔️ Safe and secure - The Island has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe, ensuring a safe and secure place to live for you and your family.

✔️ Short commutes and stunning scenery – Your commute to work is not only short (an average of 20 minutes), it’s also beautiful! The perfect place to maximise your down time.

✔️ Space and time to breathe – With so many opportunities to do what you love, there’s no better place to explore and pursue your indoor or outdoor hobbies and activities.

✔️ Supportive and welcoming community – The Island has an abundance of activities, including over 50 sports and cultural activity providers.

✔️ Connectivity - Situated just off the Northwest coast of the UK, the Island is exceptionally well connected, with a wide range of flights to the UK and Ireland each week.

✔️ Government relocation incentives – National Insurance Holiday Scheme – up to £4,400 better off in your first year

✔️ Competitive salaries - The Isle of Man is renowned for offering competitive salaries which on average are 14% higher than those in the UK.

✔️ Low Taxation Regime – Isle of Man residents enjoy many tax benefits, with a simple personal tax structure with the higher tax rate capped at 22%. We don’t have stamp duty, corporation, or inheritance tax either and there are no restrictions on buying property on the Island. 

 Hear from others who have already made the move…

A career in the finance sector in the Isle of Man could be your perfect opportunity, regardless of skill set. And who better to tell you about the sector than those who are currently reaping the benefits of a fast-paced, rewarding career?


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It's simple: register your skills on our portal, making sure to complete all the mandatory fields, once your profile is complete you'll be able to match with potential employers who are looking for your skills!


Roles in demand - Compliance Professionals

The compliance and risk management profession has grown into one of the most significant roles over the past decade and as a result has seen the Isle of Man establish a reputation for being a premier jurisdiction in terms of regulation.

As such, the breadth of compliance roles across the Isle of Man is huge and varies from entry level through to senior across many of its key sectors, which include:

Digital industries:

  • eGaming
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Digital technologies, including e-wallet and payment gateway providers
  • Suppliers to the digital industry
  • Licensed digital start-ups


Finance and professional service industries:

  • FinTech
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Funds
  • Investment Management and stockbroking
  • Professional Services, including Law, Accountancy, Corporate Service Providers and Advisory


Other key industries:

  • Public Sector
  • Shipping and Aviation
  • BioMed and Pharmaceutical


Whether a recent graduate or an existing Finance professional, there’s no better place to live and work than the Isle of Man. The current skills shortage means there is an abundance of mid to senior level roles - all offering competitive salaries, benefit packages and well-rounded responsibilities and development opportunities.

A supportive network of compliance professionals

Given the breadth of the profession, the Isle of Man also offers a vibrant and supportive local network for young and well-established compliance professionals, which includes the AICP, the Isle of Man Business Network, the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and local branches of the Chartered Governance Institute and the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.

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Whether you are ready to pay the Isle of Man a visit or to make your next move, we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Island soon.

Register your skills on the Talent Portal today!


It's simple: register your skills on our portal, making sure to complete all the mandatory fields, once your profile is complete you'll be able to match with potential employers who are looking for your skills!