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Kirsteen MacFarlane, Scotland

Kirsteen MacFarlane is a newly qualified nurse from Glasgow currently working at Noble's Hospital, in Douglas.

First Impressions
As soon as I stepped onto the Island as a nervous soon to be newly qualified nurse from Glasgow, I felt instantly at home. Initially I had some trepidation around the thought of living on an Island that is only 37 miles long, however all such feelings disappeared as soon as I landed at Ronaldsway Airport.

There is an air of calm and tranquillity that surrounds the Island, which led me instantly to decide that I wanted to live here.

Moving Over
It was definitely meant to be, as I was offered my first nursing post at Noble's Hospital. I was elated to be offered the role and put all my efforts in to completing my nursing degree. The following September I said goodbye to my friends and family before catching the Steam Packet ferry across to the Island, just me and my cat to start our new life. I quickly settled into a little Manx cottage by the riverside, nestled in peaceful and beautiful countryside.


Starting Work
On my first day as a registered nurse with the "big blue" responsible uniform, it was the actual hospital itself that captured my amazement. As a student nurse I worked in an extremely intimidating large inner city hospital where you are only recognised as a number on a spreadsheet. Noble's is a small intimate hospital where you are recognised by your first name. It was an extremely welcome change.

My new team welcomed me with open arms and as a result I have gained good friends who support and encourage me and always lent a hand when the "newly qualified" pressure overwhelms.


Work-Life Balance
The first thing that struck me was there were no traffic queues whilst driving to and from work. This meant that after I left my uniform with the kind people at the hospital laundry, all I had to do when I got home was put my feet up and pour myself a glass of wine.

Work life goes hand in hand with personal life. As a "newbie" to the Island with only my cat to provide the needed love and support after a long shift, I decided to join an Island-wide social club, which attracted newcomers to the Island and arranged social gatherings and nights out on regular basis.

Starting my nursing career on the Isle of Man has been a truly life changing experience.

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