Top 10 Rules for a Better Work-Life Balance

Come to the Isle of Man and discover a better work-life balance and embrace laid-back island living!
10 Rules for a Better Work-Life Balance

In the Isle of Man, we understand that life is more than boardrooms and conference calls. Our excellence in business stems from a workforce that is balanced, skilled, and well-rounded. Here are our top ten tips for adopting a better work-life balance and upping the proficiency in your life.

#1 Let go of perfection!

We have a saying in the Isle of Man, Traa-dy-Liooar, which means 'Time enough'. Let go of stress, take a bit of extra time and embrace a more relaxed approach to life.

#2 It's all about the journey...

Say goodbye to city traffic and hello to fresh air and sea views. Many islanders walk or bike to work- taking advantage of the gorgeous scenery. Take a step back from where you're going and embrace how you're going to get there. The Isle of Man is home to the world’s oldest horse tram and tram cars so you’ll have loads of options for unique commutes.

The population density of the Island is less than 150 people per square km so we enjoy quieter roads and stress-free commuting.

#3 Work smarter, not longer.

The Isle of Man is among the top 5 connected countries in the world, giving us a superb infrastructure, vibrant business centre and a buoyant economy. Many employers offer flexible working patterns and competitive employment packages, or if you've always dreamt being your own boss, you could make use of the Government support available for new start-ups, and find yourself running your own business.

#4 Don't skip on lunch!

You will not go hungry on the Isle of Man! The Island is blessed with a wide range of great eateries, which offer everything from local delicacies such as Queenies and Loughtan Lamb to global staples and everything in between. So many of the Island’s restaurants serve up local Manx products, so you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and it’s as fresh as possible!.

#5 Spend more time in nature.

More than 40% of the Isle of Man remains unpopulated, making the Island a natural adventure playground for all ages. With hundreds of miles of maintained footpaths, green lanes, mountain bike trails and stunning coastline, the Isle of Man is the perfect place to reconnect with nature - so much so that we became the only entire country to be recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere.

The Island is home to a variety of wildlife. Depending on the season you can find puffins, basking sharks, dolphins, porpoise, seals and many birds of prey.

#6 Limit time wasting activities.

Invest in yourself, not a commute. Why spend time in the car when you could be spending extra time with the kids, or waste hours waiting for a train when you could be kayaking around the island? The average commute time in the Isle of Man is 20 minutes.

Home before 5:30pm? Now THAT’s worth investing in!

#7 Pace yourself...

All work and no play is no fun for anyone. It's important to let your hair down from time to time! What better way than enjoying a glass of local fizz whilst watching the sunset, or winding down after a long day with a cocktail?

#8 Unplug: Embrace the off button

Weekends are a great opportunity to disconnect from tech and reconnect with what matters to you. Leave the emails behind and instead get outside, take in a show, or unwind with friends - there are plenty of great ways to spend time away from the everyday stresses of 24 hour office connectivity.

#9 Jump at new opportunities!

The Island is home to global companies, fast-growing small businesses and an ever diversifying economy. Find your next opportunity on the Isle of Man.

#10 Understand what really matters...

On the Isle of Man, you have space and time to concentrate on creating your perfect life. You're never far away from family, friends, activities and the things that truly matter to you. 


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