The Isle of Man, A Great Place to Work and Do Business

The Isle of Man is a leading international business centre renowned for its innovation, professionalism and positive international engagement.
The Isle of Man is a great place to live, work, and do business.

With a diversified economy that encompasses traditional sectors and emerging industries, the Isle of Man has a strong track record of resourcefulness, resilience and teamwork in successfully adjusting to a changing world.

Business Overview

The Isle of Man’s advanced infrastructure, skilled workforce and supportive government make way for a thriving and ever-growing economy. We have 6 tier 3 data centres for data hosting and an ability to generate 200% of peak electricity demand.

Our Financial sector was voted ‘International Finance Centre of the Year’ at the International Adviser Product and Service Awards.  We are endorsed by the IMF, Financial Action Task Force and the EU Code of Conduct.

The Isle of Man is also a leader in the Digital World. Our e-Gaming sector is headquarters to Global Market Leaders and has over 200 digital companies calling the Isle of Man home.

We have a robust approach to data regulation and cyber security and strong intellectual property treaties to protect the Island’s vast digital community.


Working on the Island

The Isle of Man is home to businesses operating in a wide range of sectors, spanning:

  • Financial services
  • ICT
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Clean Tech
  • Banking
  • BioMed
  • Aerospace
  • Creative Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • e-Gaming
  • Shipping
  • Food and Drink
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • …and more!

If you are immigrating to the Island to pursue a career, you will need a work permit (EEA Nationals) or a Visa (non-EEA Nationals). Obtaining a work permit is a simple process; your employer is responsible for the bulk of the paper work! 

For a full list of work-permit exemptions, click HERE

If you are coming to the Island for employment and bringing your family, we make that easy, too! We offer automatic 1-year work permits for spouses, civil partners, and co-habiting partners and immediate access to the Island’s free school system for children.

Coming to the Island to pursue a career is a rewarding venture and one that will, without a doubt, change your life for the better.


Starting a Business

The Isle of Man is a wonderful and supportive environment for start-up businesses. Last year, the Isle of Man Government invested over £4.5 Million in local businesses.

The Government offers many assistance and support schemes to aid you in your venture including:

  • Micro Business Grant Scheme
    • To enable individuals to take their first steps into self-employment
  • Enterprise Development Scheme
    • Equity and Loan investments for existing businesses and businesses wishing to relocate to the Island
  • Financial Assistance Scheme
    • Provides a range of grants and soft loan support to eligible businesses to contribute to the economic growth of the Island.
  • Business Improvement Scheme 
    • Helps new and existing businesses develop their business acumen, management skills, and the acquirement of further accreditation.
  • Isle of Man Town & Village Regeneration
    • Provides financial support towards external improvements on commercial buildings located within the seven regeneration areas.
  • Business Energy Saving Scheme
    • Provides flexible financing options to all types of organisations seeking to make their operations more efficient and lower their energy costs.
  • Vocational Training Assistance Scheme
    • Furthers your or your employees’ vocational skillset and training thus increasing marketability, productivity, and profits.
  • Investors in People
    • Investors in People aid businesses in creating a high-performance culture with a strong workforce who can meet new objectives.
  • STEP Programme
    • Matches local businesses with undergraduates for paid skill-centric projects that can be achieved within a realistic timescale and at an affordable price.
  • Employee Relocation Incentive
    • Financial assistance for employers who bring staff to the Isle of Man.

‘I started looking at different avenues to how I could start the business. The great thing about the Isle of Man is there are various grant schemes ready for you. I soon realised that making bread was manufacturing goods and that qualified the business for up to 40% of the capital available to start operating.’ –Miles Pettit of Noa Bakehouse

No matter the size of your business, the Isle of Man has a Funding and Support Scheme that can help you further your goals and strengthen your business acumen.  To learn more about the funding and support available, click HERE


Financially Rewarding

The Isle of Man offers individuals and families a financially rewarding environment to earn and save.

Personal tax rates in the Isle of Man are among the lowest in Europe, allowing you to enjoy more of your hard-earned money.

The Isle of Man has 0% Capital Gains Tax, 0% Inheritance Tax and 0% Stamp Duty on properties.

Furthermore, a tax cap election of £200k per person/per annum is available for 5 or 10 years

To learn more about the Isle of Man’s taxation structure, click HERE


Quality of Life

Here on the Island, we embrace a fantastic work-life balance. 86% of our residents would say they have an EXCELLENT quality of life.

The Isle of Man is a nature lover’s paradise with 95 miles of coastline and 169 miles of public footpaths. We are the only entire jurisdiction in the world to be given UNESCO Biosphere status and have an incredible 26 ‘Dark Sky Sites’- the most in the British Isles. 

If you’re a thrill seeker, you’re in luck! The Isle of Man boasts loads of outdoor adventures including coasteering and paragliding. And if speed is more your style, you’ll love the annual TT race

Quick Stats:

  • 86% of businesses offer flexible working
  • 20 minute average daily commute to work
  • 79 pubs
  • 33 sports and cultural activity providers for the whole family
  • 9 golf clubs and polo club
  • 20 Heritage museums and attractions
  • 120+ hotels and b&bs
  • Plays, operas, comedians, and music at the Gaiety Theatre and Villa Marina
  • 100 films created on-island since 1995
  • Dozens of monthly festivals ranging from food and beer to literature and film

To learn more about how the Islander’s relax, click HERE


The Isle of Man is the perfect place to live and work.

Come to the Isle of Man and experience the best that life has to offer! Contact one of our team members today to start your move.


Live your dream life in the Isle of Man

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