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8 Isle of Man myths uncovered

The Isle of Man may be beset with many a myth (or is just confused with the Isle of Wight!), but you'll find plenty of hidden treasures. Locate Isle of Man looks to dispel a few of those urban Manx myths... 

 1.    You can’t fly to the IOM

Wrong! As well as the institution that is the Isle of Man Steam Packet Ferry, a range of airlines operate daily flights to the Island with those from the UK taking as little as 20 minutes. A holiday on the Isle of Man not only allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of life back home, but also means you can avoid the hassle of travelling abroad (we drive on the left too!).                                              


2.    There’s nothing to do there

This magnificent 33-mile long by 13-mile wide patch of British Isles (or the new British Riviera as it’s come to be affectionately named) is brimming with things to do, including a huge range of outdoor activities and amenities, events, walks and eateries, not to mention being steeped in history, wildlife and a welcoming, friendly community – and is just a stone’s throw away from the UK mainland.

3. It only rains

Yes the Island is prone to wind and rain, but due its Island nature, it’s actually much milder in the winter compared to the UK. Plus the sea temperature only moves by approximately 5°C all year round, perfect for diving, snorkeling and coasteering.

4.    Manx Cats roam wild

Although the tailless Manx began life as a hunter, the breed is now fully domesticated, known for its affectionate and friendly nature. With a Manx in the house, you don’t need a watchdog, you’ve got a “watchcat”.

 5.    There’s nothing for young people

The Island is awash with cosmopolitan bars and eateries catering to both the younger and older markets. In recent years a range of food and drink start-ups have opened including Noa Bakehouse and the Secret Pizza Company, powered by a new generation of young, homebred talent.

6.    You have to say hello to the Fairies

Not entirely myth… Although not compulsory, ask anyone on the Island and they’ll tell you, you should greet the Fairies whenever you pass over the Fairy Bridge, located just outside of the historic village of Castletown. Many consider it bad luck to not greet the Fairies, others simply make a wish when they pass – a romantic tradition passed down through many generations.

7.    It’s like going back in time

Who knew the Isle of Man was once ranked fourth most likely place to launch a mission to the moon?!  Although steeped in Celtic history, the Isle of Man has become one of the world’s most dynamic and reputable offshore economies. In recent years the Island has become a renowned jurisdiction in the e-Gaming industry, leading the way in e-Gaming legislation, with Government recently launching the Island’s first Blockchain office. Local government is actively promoting initiatives, such as ISLEXPO, CYBERISLE, and SpaceIsle to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship and business growth.

8.    Only Manx people live there

In recent years the Isle of Man has become a popular location for the international community to settle, including those from outside the EU. Those living on the Island, benefit from great lifestyle opportunities, open space, a safe environment, great education and a real sense of community.

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