The Dream Hospitality Career in the Isle of Man

Drew Fleming is a General Manager at Extra Fancy Limited. He is completing a degree in Events Management and Marketing at the University College Isle of Man

Choosing To Study In The Isle of Man

Although I didn’t know it at the time, studying in the Isle of Man was the greatest decision I’ve made to date.

In 2019 I embarked on a degree in Events Management and Marketing at the University College Isle of Man, and at the same time commenced my second year working as Head Bartender at Extra Fancy (a local hospitality company with a passion for exceeding expectations) at their late-night bar, Peggy’s.

Studying on the Isle of Man has allowed me to retain my position within the company - who have always been supportive and accommodating of my studies, and unlike many of my contemporaries in the UK, both network and build a career in hospitality.

Quick Career Progression From The Outset 

Coupling the knowledge gained from my degree, with real work experience, enabled me to quickly progress at Extra Fancy, and by the second year of my studies, I was the Assistant Manager at two of its venues; Peggy’s and Kiki’s Tiki Lounge.

Working hours increased, as did the difficulty of the course. However, having my family and friends nearby allowed me to overcome the increasing commitment to both.

As I look to imminently finish my studies, staying local has allowed me to secure a position as a Director at Extra Fancy once my degree concludes – an opportunity that probably wouldn’t have presented itself had I not stayed on Island.

A Career In Hospitality Can Lead Down The Most Satisfying Of Paths 

A career in hospitality can lead down the most satisfying of paths. In the relatively short time I’ve been in the industry, I’ve experienced; a group of colleagues who feel more like family; leadership which allows talent and hard work to thrive and a job which feels more like a passion. For anyone unsure on their path, I’d urge you to take the plunge and foray into this wonderful and vibrant world.

There’s still plenty of development opportunities for me at Extra Fancy, and within the wider Isle of Man hospitality industry – and I can’t wait to watch both the company, and the industry, flourish in the coming years.

If you are outgoing, have excellent people and customer skills, and are looking to kick-start a career in a vibrant hospitality scene register your skills with the Locate Talent Portal here.

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