Discover the Benefits of Living and Working in the Isle of Man in More Magazine

Discover the benefits of living and working in the Isle of Man in More Magazine. Find out about career and business opportunities, relocation incentives, the Isle of Man property market, taxation system, immigration and more.

An Isle of Man Public and Private Sector Collaboration

The second edition of 'More' Magazine is now available to read online and highlights the many benefits of relocating to the Isle of Man for new businesses and residents.

The high-quality annual magazine, which was published in late 2021, is the product of a collaboration between Keith Uren Publishing Ltd, the Isle of Man Government’s Department for Enterprise and numerous Isle of Man private sector organisations, whom over many years have worked together to achieve a common goal of economic prosperity for the Island.

The magazine, which is also available in full colour print, has been distributed at events and exhibitions across the UK and Europe, and is available free of charge at several high-profile locations in the Isle of Man, including Ronaldsway Airport.

The Benefits Of Relocating To The Isle of Man

Contents of More Magazine feature the many benefits of relocating to the Isle of Man; highlighting the wide range of career and entrepreneurial opportunities available, the Island’s attractive and simple taxation regime, along with relocation incentives and business support schemes comprising funding, training and advisory services for businesses.

The Practicalities Of Relocating To The Isle of Man

The Locate Isle of Man team also feature in the magazine, providing practical advice to those considering a relocation to the Island – this includes how to find a job, the immigration and work permit process, and finding somewhere to live. There is also a useful property section which highlights the availability of new builds and established properties across the Isle of Man.

The publication also provides an overview of several new and exciting business sectors that are emerging from within the Island’s diverse economy - including Medicinal Cannabis and CleanTech, along with various tech industries such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Esports and Blockchain.

Individual And Business Isle of Man Relocation Stories

A range of private sector companies have also showcased the benefits of their working environment, staff benefits and their affinity for helping the Island community. Versa, a concept-eatery, Memory Lane Games, a tech business that develops apps for the elderly to help with memory, and SandpiperCI, an international retail and food service operator, all feature and discuss their successful business ventures on the Island.

These feature alongside a range of relocation stories and first-hand accounts from individuals who have relocated to the Isle of Man from a range of global locations including South Africa, France, Northern Ireland and India.

Where To Get A Copy of More Magazine

Copies of More magazine are available free of charge to those who would like to use it to promote the Island further afield, a digital version of the magazine can also be found online here.

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