Cassie, Occupational Therapist

As a newly qualified Occupational Therapist, Cassie relocated to the Isle of Man after completing her studies as a mature student.

A Fresh Start on the Isle of Man

As a newly qualified occupational therapist, I relocated to the Isle of Man in August 2022. Having joined Manx Care in September, my initial placement in the rotational team prepared me for my current role within the Community Wellbeing Service (CWS). 

Working in a unique environment

With its smaller population and unique demands, working on the Isle of Man has been an exceptional experience. In comparison to the UK, I have a shorter and less stressful commute to work, and as a result of the smaller team size, I have built genuine rapport with my colleagues. It’s all about providing the best support for individuals and practitioners, allowing us to use our current skills and experience, whilst also continuing to develop. 


The Life of a Newly Graduated Occupational Therapist

My Typical Day

Manx Care is committed to addressing the unique needs of each person. We offer a variety of services and interventions. As a result, my typical day involves a combination of telephone calls, assessments, and community visits, either at individuals' homes or at the community centre.

A Personalised Approach

For me, I enjoy being able to think outside the box and provide personalised care that meets the individual needs of Isle of Man residents.

Early Career Support

As a newly qualified Occupational Therapist, it's reassuring to know you have the guidance and support networks surrounding you, enabling you to succeed. Having a supportive team has been crucial to my development as a practitioner, providing a solid foundation for progress

Work-Life Balance

In our spare time, my family and I immerse ourselves in the various activities that the Isle of Man has to offer, from beach outings to engaging in social activities. The vibrant social life and picturesque surroundings contribute to our enhanced family life.

Settling In and Calling it Home

Despite the initial challenges, my family and I quickly settled in. Now, the Isle of Man is not just a location; it's our home, and the tranquillity continues to draw us back, after any visits to the UK.



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