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Clare Mahood, Liverpool

Clare made the move to the Island in 2001 after encountering a career dead-end in Liverpool. Initially assembling a three-year plan to live in the Isle of Man, yet eighteen years later her roots are firmly planted in Manx soil.

Clare has been able to reap the benefits of an island so in tune to the success of its workforce.
‘It’s such a fluid environment for people to succeed,’ says Clare, whose CV boasts an impressive tenure at both the KPMG and Deloitte island offices. ‘The Isle of Man has such great connections with both the UK and the world that there’s easy career progression irrespective of entry level. It’s well suited to cultivating a career within some of the most prestigious firms in the world, and it has led me to where I am today.’ Clare now holds the position of Finance Director at PSI-Pay Ltd, a payment solutions firm operating on a global scale and based on the Island.
The infrastructure of the Isle of Man is such that allows for opportunities not afforded by other jurisdictions, such as the seamless transition from accountancy practice to industry and vice versa, and this fluidity is owed – in part – to the close-knit community and connections of the Island’s workforce.
Traa dy liooar is a Manx Gaelic term for ‘time enough’, a phrase that captures the laid-back culture of Island life, and perhaps the most noticeable change for Clare is the amount of time that she gets to spend with her family. Accountancy is notorious for its long hours in the office, yet the Isle of Man’s flexible approach to working hours is one reason it was ranked ninth in the world for work-life balance in a recent HSBC expat survey.
‘I’ve got two young children and so living here feels incredibly safe. When you become a parent, your priorities adjust. There’s a real emphasis on flexible working, and the Island has so much to offer in terms of outdoor activities and recreation; it’s a balance I struggled with on the UK mainland.’
It seems lazy to reel-off the on-island successes of a seasoned accountant with over twenty years’ experience, yet it isn’t just career veterans who have found the Isle of Man the ideal environment for vocational advancement.

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