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Simplified Work Permit Process

As of January 2018, the Isle of Man Government has simplified the work permit process making it even easier with a new online portal and a register of exempt persons. These changes allow employers, self-employed workers, spouses, civil partners, and cohabiting partners to apply online for a work permit at any time.

If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city or you're looking for your next career move, relocating to the Isle of Man has never been easier.

These changes follow on from the seven proposed reforms to the Isle of Man's work permit system. Four of the proposals were implemented last year, including the introduction of simplified fees for longer term permits and the automatic 1 year permit for cohabiting partners of Isle of Man workers, work permit holders and exempt persons upon application.

Looking to return home to the Isle of Man with a partner? Your cohabiting partner is now eligible to apply for an automatic 1 year work permit.

The third phase of improvements is expected in April 2018 with the launch of an enhanced online employer portal to give access to all employer activity in one place, this gives you and your employer a more transparent view of how your application is processing.

While applying for a work permit is quick and simple, you could be exempt from the process. If you require further information on these changes or the work permit system in general, please contact our dedicated Locate Team.

Improvements to work permits as of January 2018:

Simplified employer only application form

Simplified list of matters to be taken into consideration by the Department

Simplified fees to encourage multi-year permits (a flat fee of £60 regardless of the length of permit)

 Automatic 1 year permit for cohabiting partners of Isle of Man workers upon application

Automatic 1 year permit for cohabiting partners of work permit holders and exempt persons upon application

Introduction of a register of exempt persons

Remove the requirement for visa holders with permission to enter the Island under Tiers 1, 4 and 5 of the Points Based System to obtain an additional work permit

Work Permit Application Portal

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