Manx Queenies are named the Isle of Man's national dish

This weekend saw record numbers of visitors to the wildly popular Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival - and also the crowning of a new National Dish!

After four months of voting, the Isle of Man has named a new national dish- Manx Queenies! These delicate Manx molluscs took home the grand prize with nearly a quarter of all votes.


The Manx Queenie is a medium sized scallop, farmed in the Irish Sea. These delicacies are light, buttery, and succulent and can be found in many of the restaurants around the Island. Traditionally served in a white or cream sauce, Manx Queenies are a staple in most eateries (and for good reason!).


“Our Queen scallops are world-renowned for their quality and taste.  They are worth millions of pounds to the Island’s economy and support hundreds of jobs” - Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, Geoffrey Boot MHK


A public vote commenced in May 2018 and over 2,500 people had their voices heard for their favourite Manx munchies!


The winner was announced last weekend at the 10th Annual Isle of Man Food and Drink Festival sponsored by PokerStars, Dave’s Delicious Dogs, Event Management Solutions, Magnet, Shoprite, Thai Thai Restaurant, and The Buchan School with 3 FM as media partner. This year's Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival welcomed over 10,000 people through the gates, which is a new record attendance.


Every Manxmen has a passionate idea of what the national dish actually is. IOM Today caught up with some residents in early May to ask their opinions:


“Definitely queenies,’ said Irene Cannan, aged 64. ’I think they are so special, so delicate, but so flavoursome. I cook them with bacon and some white wine for my dinner and we always have them when we go out. I once walked out of the London Eye when they said that they had them on their menu, but they clearly didn’t… So very patriotic!”


Coming in a close second to the mighty Queenies was Chips, cheese and gravy. This dish is known around the world as many different things- Canadian Poutine, New Jersey Disco Fries- but here, this chip dish is decisively Manx Made!


Kunal Patel, 22, from Douglas, said “Who doesn’t love chips or gravy? And, what isn’t improved with cheese!? I had chips, cheese and gravy yesterday after work. It’s convenient; I walk up the terrace and the chippy’s there. It’s also good after a night out. I’m a fan of chips and gravy; fill it with cheese and it’s even better!” (As reported on IOMToday)


IOM Today was not at a loss for finding residents in full support of the Kipper- our long, tried and true- favourite fish. “My favourite Manx meal is a kipper bap. It’s the amalgamation of the ingredients that I like, with the juxtaposition of the salad against the fish.” - Laurence Crookall, aged 27.


The Minister, who announced the victor, commented on the ever-growing and award-winning food and drink sector, “Food and drink is a real growth area for the Island’s economy and the industry is supported by my Department as part of efforts to grow the Isle of Man’s food and drink sector by £50 million by 2025.”


After the announcement, local chef, Tony Quirk whipped up a great recipe to the delight of festival goers. His recipe? Manx queenies, garlic, and bacon (of course!) The recipe was given out to all attendees and is available online at


Geoffrey Boot MHK added, “This was a hard-fought race that led to some lively public debate.  It’s great to see so many people so passionate about Manx food.  The vote has helped to raise the profile of the variety of Manx produce available as well as cementing the quality of our products in the public consciousness.”


The Manx cuisine is top notch and a debate this lively just solidifies it! Congratulations to our mighty Manx Queenies for their triumphant victory!


Long live the Manx Queenie, the National Dish of the Isle of Man!


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