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5 spooky places to visit this October in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is typically a vibrantly coloured and welcoming Island. However, if you catch some sights on an overcast October day, they can be known to have a spooky air which makes them perfect to explore this Hop tu Naa!

1. Peel Castle 

Peel Castle is situated on St. Patrick’s Isle, a single Island surrounded by sea. Whilst this is a popular site among visitors and Islanders alike, if you decide to explore the impressive ruins of the historic fortress, beware of the Moddey Dhoo, an apparition of a black dog. Legend has it that in the 17th century the large beast would emerge and frighten the guards before disappearing into a passageway. Don’t worry though, the passageway has now been sealed and the spirit has not been seen since…


2. South Barrule Forest

The Isle of Man is full of plantations which are green and luscious, however, if you visit on an overcast and misty day you would be forgiven for feeling a little chilled. Having said this, if you are taking a stroll through one of the deep dark woods you don’t need to fear; there are no bears, wolves or even foxes in the Isle of Man, so the spooky air is purely atmospheric!

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3. Chasms

If you are not a fan of heights, you will find the Chasms in the southwest of the Island terrifying! Accessible by a beautiful walk along the coast, the Chasms are steep rocky cliffs which drop directly into the sea. The remarkable structures are really quite breath-taking, but we recommend taking care with your footing!


4. Niarbyl Coastline

The Island is home to the Raad ny Foillan, a 100 mile walking path which allows you to walk around an entire nation! Whilst beautiful views are available all around the coastline, if you go for a wander to the coast on a stormy day, the jagged cliff-faces and high waves make for a hauntingly dramatic experience.


5. Cashtal yn Ard

Cashtal yn Ard, also known as the Castle of the Heights, overlooks the parish of Maughold. The chambered tomb is one of the largest and best preserved of its kind in the British Isles. This historic site, whilst extremely interesting, is quiet and desolate and is known to give people the ‘heebie jeebies’ on a blustery day.


Despite the Island being home to these spooky locations, one thing is for sure – our team are not here to give you a fright! For more information and practical advice on relocating to the Isle of Man, contact our team.

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