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5 surefire ways to land your dream job on the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man offers dynamic career opportunities combined with exceptional quality of life.
5 surefire ways to land your dream job on the Isle of Man

Whether you are a recent graduate or an executive with sought-after and in-demand skills at the highest level, on the Island there's a drive for talent across multiple industries with employers of choice, from global brands to entrepreneurs and start-ups, providing a depth of unrivalled challenge, reward and opportunity.

This demand for talent includes new and emerging markets incorporating technology, e-gaming, engineering and manufacturing through to infrastructure, financial services, healthcare, teaching, hospitality and retail. There's also professional support to establish and develop or relocate your own business. Scratch the surface and the possibilities are truly exciting!

So, if you want to understand how to bag your dream job here on the Isle of Man, where do you start? For this post, we teamed up with Debbie Scrimshaw, Director of Paragon, one of the leading recruitment agencies on the Island for 5 top tips to land a dream job on the Isle of Man.


1. Knowledge is power

Invest time to get to know or update your knowledge of the Island, its infrastructure and marketplace. Understand what skills are in demand, where and when. There are active online resources available, a host of networking opportunities and easy routes to stay up-to-date with the latest business and community news in your target areas.

Subscribe to local info sources, support networks, trade bodies and utilise appropriate forums – develop both personal and professional contacts and take time to communicate directly to glean input and feedback. There are several supportive international communities and groups on the Island with a genuine commitment to welcome and integrate relocators, in both official and personal capacities, in addition to professional relocation, HR & recruitment advisors.


2. Showcase your talents

It's important to give serious thought to what you do and don't want to do; what salary level you need to achieve and what your long term plans may be. Be prepared to discuss these areas with any potential employer and open to a flexible approach to gain the best outcome.

Understand your skills, abilities and market value to help define your goals, aspirations and timelines. Keep an open mind about transferring your skills to areas or industries you may not have previously considered.

Your CV is a starting point for what should be an active document, and ultimately the tool to enable you to secure an interview with your employers of choice. It's crucial to adapt your CV to each role, employer and jurisdiction every time, you need to consider the role and employer you are applying to and then include or remove appropriate information in support of this.


3. Be social

Whilst invaluable in the ability to research and engage with the businesses/industry you want to work in, over 90% of companies now utilise online tools when hiring, so it pays to remember that the internet is now also effectively your CV. Don't miss the opportunity to showcase your personal brand - when managed correctly, social media can be a core component of your job search strategy.


4. Don't dream, plan

Many employers work with defined processes and may request additional supporting documents such as ID, qualification certificates, proof of address, reference, verification and screening information and Manx Worker status if appropriate. Find out more information regarding work permits on the Isle of Man.

Preparation of employment documentation and following the simple, supported processes will ultimately speed up timelines for you. This can also help to provide a positive impression of your application, demonstrating serious intention and credibility.

Don't forget, some employers offer excellent financial support and relocation packages for key roles; making living and working on the Isle of Man a definite reality.


5. Personal is powerful

A visit to the Isle of Man is always worthwhile, and there are some great events which take place, enabling you to get involved, develop local knowledge and make valuable contacts.

When a visit isn't possible, it can really pay to work with a professional recruiter. Professional recruitment consultants are experts in matching people to roles and can be an invaluable source of information on the local marketplace. Often recruiters have access to vacancies and opportunities which aren't advertised and can work to create new opportunities based on knowledge of their clients' current and future business needs.

A good recruiter will advise how to best approach your preferred organisations, with appropriate and up to date CV and interview tips based on industry standards, providing proactive recommendations on positions or areas you may not have considered.


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  • A Special Place to Live...

  • 86% of residents say they have an excellent quality of life
  • 14% higher average annual salary on the Isle of Man than the UK
  • Safest place to live in the British Isles
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