Successful first 9 months for Business Connex Concierge Service

Business Connex was launched as a joint service between the Department for Enterprise and Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce to provide concierge services to those considering relocating to the Isle of Man.

Business Connex – the service launched last October as a joint initiative between Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce and the Department for Enterprise – has achieved a string of successes in its first nine months.

The free of charge service was created with a mission to help facilitate the introduction and relocation of new business which is widely accepted as being essential for the ongoing economic growth of the Isle of Man. In its first nine months Business Connex has assisted over 30 entrepreneurs, individuals, businesses and their staff. The service works closely with the business community and provides assistance and support to the Department for Enterprise’s business development managers. However, it has evolved rapidly by utilising the strength of Chamber as the Island’s biggest business network.

Business Connex has already helped entrepreneurs, individuals, businesses and their staff from a range of sectors including education, blockchain, gaming, aerospace, tech, and finance. These companies are from jurisdictions including the UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Latvia.

Jessica Kitchin, Manager, Business Connex, said: “Business Connex began as a ‘concierge’ service designed for the sole purpose of assisting businesses wanting to relocate to the Isle of Man – but it has rapidly evolved into an all-encompassing conduit and advisory service, accessible to any business, start-up, entrepreneur or individual that requires introductions to relevant business contacts on the Island. For individuals and businesses that are new to the Island, Business Connex now offers a seamless and stress-free landing pad. Our message is simple – just tell us what you need and we will find the missing piece of the jigsaw by answering all manner of questions which in recent months have ranged from technical questions about tax and immigration, to simple requests to find providers of cookery and cocktail making classes.”

Minister for Enterprise, Laurence Skelly MHK commented: “The Locate Isle of Man strategy outlines important work in order to increase the number of economically active residents, and businesses, in the Isle of Man. Business Connex has played an important role in this ongoing strategy by offering concierge services, relocation advice and introductions to local businesses. By working in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce to deliver this service we are able to ensure that the relocation journey to the Isle of Man remains simple, straightforward and above all, welcoming.”

Christopher Piggott is CEO of Heliquip, one of the businesses assisted by Business Connex. He said: “The meet and greet type hospitality, professionalism and energy received during our visit was just ‘wow’. Jessica definitely made our planning of this trip a lot more efficient and there would have been no chance of us having all these introductions done within our time frame with the assistance of Business Connex. We had four meetings a day over three days and even though some were from our own sources, these other introductions were paramount.”

Rebecca George, CEO, Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce, said: “Business Connex has surpassed everyone’s expectations because, as it has evolved, new opportunities have been identified to utilise the strength of Chamber’s business network. The results in the first nine months clearly demonstrate that Chamber is the perfect platform to offer this service. Not only does Business Connex offer the ability to connect quickly with the right people and organisations, it also directs businesses to local service providers. From our hospitality members to our finance, ICT, and manufacturing and construction committees, the power of Chamber’s network means connections have been made and relationships formed because of the navigation and signposting that Business Connex provides.”

To find out more about Business Connex contact Jessica Kitchin by emailing or phoning 674941.

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