Top 5 Reasons to Start a Business in the Isle of Man

From excellent networking opportunities to superior infrastructure to support your business, takes a look at the top 5 reasons to choose the Isle of Man as the base for your new business.
Top 5 Reasons to Start a Business in the Isle of Man

#1 You can stay connected

Everybody - residents and businesses alike - benefit from great internet connectivity. The 2016 Q2 Akamai State of the Internet Report states that 97% of the Isle of Man's population has access to up to 4Mbps internet – a must for any business owner who needs to stay connected.

#2 There's a wealth of opportunity

The Island has a wealth of opportunity across a variety of sectors and is recognised internationally as a hub for financial and professional services, E-Gaming and E-Business development. There are over 200 manufacturing companies on the Island ranging from food and drink producers to blacksmiths to precision engineering and aerospace firms.

#3 Word of mouth really works

The Island's close knit population of 85,000 residents means that word of mouth is a very real and viable marketing tool for local businesses. Click here for more great tips on how you could market your business on the Isle of Man.


#4 You can have a great work-life balance

Some Island residents would argue that the work-life balance they benefit from on the Isle of Man is almost unparalleled. Despite its small size the Island has a wide variety of landscapes from open moorland, rolling mountains, wooded glens and beautiful beaches. Because of its small size, residents benefit from short commutes and are able to enjoy these great natural resources on a daily basis as a result.

#5 There's a nurturing environment for new business

The Isle of Man Government is highly supportive of new business ventures on the Island. Some business sectors benefit from 0% corporation tax, dramatically lowering company overheads. The Government also operates Financial Assistance Schemes, with schemes designed to assist businesses both with financial backing, training, marketing and capital investment. Click here to find out more about business support available on the Isle of Man.

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  • A Special Place to Live...

  • 86% of residents say they have an excellent quality of life
  • 19% higher average annual salary on the Isle of Man than the UK
  • Safest place to live in the British Isles
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