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Employee Relocation Incentive ISLEXPO 2018

Supporting relocating staff through the Employee Relocation Incentive
Employee Relocation Incentive

The Department for Enterprise announced at ISLEXPO 2018 that it is investing a further two million pounds into its relocation initiative to encourage employers to bring new employees to the Isle of Man.

The Employee Relocation Incentive allows employers who have a new position and are unable to secure local workers to receive up to 20% of the first year's salary costs where the employee is recruited off Island up to the value of £10,000 per position.

This incentive, piloted over the last twelve months has been hugely effective so far, helping local businesses secure over 200 new employees who have relocated to the Isle of Man and are now contributing to the Island's economy. The incentive is relatively simple and not intended to take away opportunities from local workers but is instead put in place to grow the Island's workforce where local employees are unavailable.

Find out more details on the Employee Relocation Incentive here or contact the Locate team directly

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