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Experience the Raad ny Foillan Footpath in the Isle of Man

Four granite pillars will been installed at the start of the challenging but rewarding route, measuring 100 miles in length and taking walkers on a route around the complete Nation.

Created in 1986 to mark the Island’s “Heritage Year” celebrations, the Raad Ny Foillan (Manx for The Way of the Gull) is 100 miles in length and trails the entire coastline of the Island, providing walkers with an easily accessible opportunity to walk around our complete Nation. Walkers have the option to challenge themselves to a four day strenuous hike or to complete the path in a more moderate 12 day walk.

The first of four granite start-markers, made by local company Natural Stone Granite & Marble Ltd, is installed at Bradda Hiar, Port Erin and was unveiled by Julia Bradbury, former BBC Countryfile presenter, on Friday 15th November in front of members of the Island’s walking community. The remaining three structures can be found in Onchan, Peel and Ramsey.

Breathtaking views and an abundance of nature are just some of the reasons the Island can be an adventure playground for avid walkers. These new markers can be used as starting points along the route of the Raad ny Foillan, a definite ‘bucket list’ activity for serious walkers. Don't forget to share any photos of your experience on the footpath with the hashtag: #IOMStory.

As the first entire Nation to be a member of the UNESCO world network of Biosphere Reserves, the Isle of Man is a truly unique place to live, work and visit. Our magnificent scenery, peaceful moors, steep hills and thrilling cliffs, which all contribute to making the Island a must for outdoor enthusiasts.

Find out more about getting involved in activities the Island has to offer, here.

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  • 86% of residents say they have an excellent quality of life
  • 14% higher average annual salary on the Isle of Man than the UK
  • Safest place to live in the British Isles
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