7 Quotes about Work-Life Balance in the Isle of Man

Work-life balance is a necessity, regardless of age or position in your career. We have compiled seven of our favourite quotes from relocatees on their work-life balance in the Isle of Man.
  1. “On the Island there’s a much better work/life balance, and as a freelancer I can pretty much dictate my own hours. I just find I have more time to enjoy the Island outside of work. A lot of my time is spent in bars and restaurants, but there’s always something going on here, so my partner and I try to soak up as much of that as possible.” – Martyn Anderson, Freelance Copywriter

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  2. “It’s a truly beautiful Island, you’re never far away from the sea and the fact that I can leave the office at the end of the day and be on my bike in the mountains in 10 minutes is priceless.” – Kai Botha, Digital Marketing Manager

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  3. “Would we have had such a good quality of life if we had stayed in London? I honestly don't know; but what I do know is we don't spend hours of our day sat on trains or in traffic. We have a house by the beach, our careers have flourished and our children can safely walk to school.” – Rebecca George, CEO

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  4. “The happiness mostly depends on people around you, safety, job security, and the right work-life balance. Altogether these things create a specific, relaxed atmosphere in the society, which probably makes the Isle of Man so nice. There is a sense of community here, where people treat each other as neighbours rather than strangers.” – Ilja Kondratjuks, Marine Surveyor

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  5. “Sometimes sunny afternoons here are too good to pass up! The flexibility in our work means we can make the most of the great outdoors!” – Robert & Andrea Lener, Business Founders

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  6. “My husband has a 10-minute walk to and from work. We live in a house that we couldn’t afford anywhere else. The Island seems to be geared up for families and outdoor activities. Everywhere you go there's a park or a glen with a pub nearby to have a lovely Sunday roast.”  –Lián Sheriff, Office & Event Manager

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  7. “It’s the best decision I could have made, relocating has allowed me to work and enjoy life - all in the same day.” – Suzie Skelding, Nurse

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  • A Special Place to Live...

  • 86% of residents say they have an excellent quality of life
  • 14% higher average annual salary on the Isle of Man than the UK
  • Safest place to live in the British Isles
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