Bringing Your Family from the UK or Ireland

Relocating to a new country can be daunting, but we don't want you to worry. The Isle of Man community is extremely welcoming and we make it easy for you to bring your family from the UK or Ireland over with you.
Bringing your family

The Isle of Man offers 1 year automatic work permits for spouses, cohabiting and civil partners of Isle of Man work permit holders and immediate access to the Island's free school system for your children.

There is a relaxed and peaceful way of life in the Isle of Man and families enjoy many benefits including good, affordable housing, high quality education, free health services, a wide range of leisure and cultural activities, space to breathe and the lowest level of crime in the British Isles.

Growing up in the Isle of Man

The last census in 2016 showed that over 17% of Isle of Man residents are under the age of 16. Children in the Isle of Man benefit from small class sizes, safe environments and a plethora of activities to choose from.

There are numerous sports clubs around the island varying from football to competitive swimming. Whether your child wants to continue his favourite sport, or try her hand at something brand new, the Isle of Man can provide that.

“Most of my free time is spent with my Wife and Son as he’s not yet 2 years old. There are lots of activities for families, whether taking him on the steam train or simply playing in one of the many public play parks around the Island." - Lee Williamson, Cyprus 

The Isle of Man has 32 primary schools, five secondary schools and two independent schools. With small class sizes and an abundance of extra-curricular activities, the Isle of Man Department of Education takes learning to the next level and is a true gem to the Isle of Man.

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Maternity/Paternity Leave

The Isle of Man is a wonderful place to raise children and may give support to new mothers and fathers.  

The Isle of Man Government pays maternity allowance to pregnant women and women who have recently given birth for a period of up to 39 weeks. This benefit is only given to women who have been employed and can satisfy certain conditions.

Fathers are entitled to take up to 2 weeks paternity leave and may be eligible for paternity pay during this time if you satisfy employment requirements.

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“Once you get used to the slow pace of life here, it’s wonderful. We have an incredible work-life balance. Because I work part-time here, I have been able to have time with my son that I would not have had anywhere else. He is safe and that gives him freedoms he wouldn't have anywhere else.” -Lián Sherriff, Ireland 

  Maternity/Paternity Leave


The Island has very low levels of crime, giving children a lot more freedom in their younger years. The Isle of Man has been recognised as the safest place in the British Isles and we do not plan on ever losing that distinction.

“After an attempted mugging in Brooklyn, I had a set of rules about going out at night: don't wear headphones after sunset, travel with friends if possible, wear a cross-body bag. When I moved to the Isle of Man, it was honestly a shock to experience night time in Douglas; I've never felt unsafe here.”  -Kim Graziano, New York City 

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Work Permits for Spouses

If you are arriving to the Isle of Man, then your spouse, cohabiting or civil partner is entitled to an automatic 1-year work permit.

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“I previously lived in the South of England and also have travelled extensively through Africa and Asia. The Isle of Man is unique compared to anywhere I've visited – it has the best of England in a small area in respect of scenery, with its own unique cultural branding. There is a huge opportunity for people to truly make a difference and influence change here – whereas the UK is driven purely through party politics. Our schools are excellent with autonomy still retained with teachers for many aspects, crime is low, and tax regimes mean more of your money is yours to spend.” -Clare Bettison, UK 


There are many, many benefits to bringing your family to the Isle of Man. To start your journey, CONTACT a member of our team today!